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Welcome! I am an intuitive tarot & oracle card reader. I have 12 tarot and oracle decks each with their own unique energy to bring you the most insightful and honest answers to your questions about life, love &spirituality. As a matter of personal ethics I don't read health or legal matters.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 41
Experience 6 Years

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Cis-het, single mother of 2 beautiful children (one gifted with some additional diagnosis', one on the regular education track who homeschools) and a domestic violence survivor. I was a Realtor for seven years before making the homeschooling decision required me to change my career focus - and I've never been happier. I've been reading for others professionally since 2017. I was raised in a Christian household and my spirit guides still send me to Sunday service on occasion to receive a message. I am a current member of the Church of Light.


I have received intuitive messages my entire life. I served as a therapy coach in Dialectical Behavior Therapy for three years which armed me with some extra tools to put in my bag of tricks when helping my counseling clients on life decisions and behavior cycle changes. Now that I have added tarot and oracle cards to my repertoire I am able to receive much more focused answers to my clients questions which makes it a lot more fun for everyone.


As an intuitive tarot reader I have a variety of tarot and oracle cards that I use in my readings. I select the best deck by comparing the energy of the deck with your particular need. While my favorite topics center around spiritual and life coaching, my Spirit guides have gifted me and encouraged the ability to answer all questions with the exception health matters, legal matters, and gambling predictions.

Services & Fees

Make A Choice: Anytime you need a quick simple answer to choose between two options - $15

One question reading (15-20 Minutes) - Depending on how the spirit moves, this can be 3-5 cards. $25

One question reading (30-45 minutes) - These readings are typically 6-10 cards and I like to use a mix of tarot and oracle cards to give as much information as possible. $50

Feeling really lost? I will do a 78 card (yes folks... the entire deck) reading that will dive deep into who you are and what you're meant to do with your life. I was honestly hesitant to offer these because of the time and energy that goes into them. These readings are $150 and are available as a video link ONLY.

All other readings are priced as a private video link or email reading. Live video conference readings are subject to a non-refundable $20 fee. Same day requests are subject to a $5 fee for video or email readings and $15 for live video conference.

Please contact me directly for special circumstances or if you think your question/circumstance isn't reflected here.


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