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I've been doing tarot card readings for 20 years for friends and family and decided to share my skills with the world. I'm great with Runes too as I've been using those for 20 years as well.

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Nationality 🇮🇪 Ireland
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 5 Years

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I am 33 years old. I've been reading tarot cards since I was 13 years old (possibly younger). I usually do readings for friends and family but I decided to branch out to help others who may need guidance in their lives.
My first actual tarot reading experience I was 11 and my mom let me use her cards which had intrigued me. I flipped a couple cards for her and told her based on the cards she was going to have an emotional week. I wasn't wrong she did learn she was going through the change and did indeed have a very emotional week. From that moment on I was hooked on doing readings for others.
I like to focus on the three major things I've noticed over the years that I get asked. I focus on a persons need to know more on love, finances and spirituality, and I base my readings on that. I also added in recently career to the focal point in my readings.


I had a family member who was experienced when I was a child I observed readings being given, and I started practiced with self readings and progressed to reading for family members and friends.


I first identify the question and its subject matter and then I meditate on it while holding the cards or the runes so that all of my energy goes into the runes or card before I reveal the answer via runes or Tarot.

Services & Fees

$25.00 for a single topic reading.
choose your question/category
$40.00 for a three topic reading.
topics to choose from include: career, finances, love life, future, and happiness
$60.00 for a full reading.

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