I offer my services on a sliding scale and routinely offer free readings for followers on Instagram. My reading style is that of a close friend. It’s important to me that I interpret things as clearly as they come across, while it’s also important to me to treat you with compassion and kindness.

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Hello there! I’m Hailey (they/she). About four years ago, I was gifted my first deck of tarot cards. Immediately, I fell in love with divination and have been obsessed with learning more and improving ever since.
I’m a full-time student working on my Bachelors and divination is my only source of income. I know what it’s like to have to stick to a budget, so I price all my readings and divination services on a sliding scale to make them accessible to most. I believe that everyone, regardless of income, deserves access to higher guidance and I try my best to offer that as much as possible while keeping the energetic exchange in balance.
My reading style is that of a close friend. It’s important to me that I interpret things as clearly as they come across, while it’s also important to me to treat you with compassion and kindness. But just like your best friend, I won’t sugarcoat things. While life isn’t always positive, I believe that readings should leave you feeling POWERFUL, not powerless. This is what I believe tarot is all about. It gives you the tools to take control and handle all the crazy ups and downs of life.
In terms of religious beliefs, I am a pagan and I currently work with and worship a few deities from the Hellenic pantheon. I’m also getting started with ancestor veneration! I self identify as a Witch.
I am a part of the LGBTQ community myself so I am very LGBTQ friendly!!


When I was a child I was a natural energy worker and clairaudient. While I don't remember, my parents love to tell people stories about all the times I responded to questions people were thinking but didn't say out loud. This ability slowly went away as a self-preservation tactic, which unfortunately happens to many gifted children.
I was always interested in the metaphysical. When I was in elementary school, I begged my mom to take me to a metaphysical shop where I picked up many books on witchcraft and little supplies. I became a more serious and actual practicing witch when I was a teenager, and have been ever since.
Divination came last for me. I was always interested in it but was gifted a beautiful tarot deck for my birthday four years ago. I was obsessed! It was such a great way to connect to the gifts I had in childhood.
I immediately did readings for every person I could. Then my interest in other forms of divination started growing.
I was always embarrassed by my interests, but because of the popularity of witchcraft and divination, I now feel free to share these things openly.
I have been reading for friends and family for those four years and started selling my services professionally for about 6 months now.


Divination is a tool to give yourself power. That is my philosophy. I am not a "love and light" reader, but I will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect. Telling people what they want to hear doesn't serve them. I address everything that comes up.
To heal, we must face our shadow.
In terms of the divination I currently do (tarot, oracle, lenormand, charm casting, automatic writing), I work directly with what most would call "Spirit." I call it the Divine or the Universe. I will also call upon Spirit Guardians or the clients "Spiritual Team." I set the intention that all messages are for the highest good of the client. I read intuitively. I listen to what the cards say and what they show me. I also pay attention to the emotions that come up and what I feel in my body.
For love readings, I ask for assistance and blessing from Aphrodite (a deity that has been with me for many lifetimes). My motivation for doing love readers is completely from her. What she says, goes!

Services & Fees

All of my readings are done via PDF, currently. My prices are on a pay what you can sliding scale. More information is on my website.


Every few weeks I open free reading spots for my followers on Instagram for services I want to test out before I offer them. My IG is lavenderxtarot.

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