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Hi! I am Shalott, and I am first and foremost an Empath. Because of this, I can read energies clearly, and my intuition is sharp. I also work with Guides to see and hear messages directly from the realm of Spirit. Because of my gift, I focus primarily on readings for family and relationships. Bless!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Deutsch
Experience 2 Years

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Originally from a small town in Idaho, I moved to Las Vegas in 2009 for a leadership position in an established, well-know niche goods brand. I loved the energy in this city so much that I've stayed. Married for fifteen years, now separated but co-parenting two boys, aged 9 and 16. I have experienced difficult family dynamics, the loss of a parent, and the accidental overdose of a close friend. I learned I had a Twin Flame several years ago, and have been through a lot of ups and downs on our journey towards union (not yet, sadly). I have a wonderful friend who transitions (M to F) as well as two close friends who are sexually fluid. I was brought up in a strictly Christian household, attended private schools, then began my own journey in spirituality, because Christianity as it is often taught, didn't sit well with me. I am an author, a graphic designer (I have a BS in Graphic Design and Media from an accredited University). I love tea, and I LOVE coffee. My personal Angel Guides are Haniel and Zadkiel. I hate being fake. I love to learn new things. I have a double minor in Art History, as well as German, so I enjoy the symbolism of tarot. I enjoy taking my time to get deep into the heart of my client's questions. I'm a Taurus. My personal card is the Queen of Pentacles, and my personal runestone is Kenaz.


I purchased my first set of runestones in 1994, and would give readings to friends and schoolmates as something fun and a bit dangerous, to go against our strict school guidelines. I also worked with the runes in private, creating divinations and loving them. I had always been taught that esoteric things were from "Satan", and that I would go to hell for "playing" with them, but I loved how they felt, and I loved how I felt when I used them, so I didn't stop. After graduating high school I had to leave home, so I would pick up some extra cash doing runic divinations for friends of friends, or complete strangers. This was all before social media became big.

A few years ago, knowing that I liked "telling fortunes" a co-worker gave me a tarot deck, the Rider Waite Tarot. I taught myself, through intuition and books, how to read tarot, and I still maintain that anyone can do it. I began reading for friends and doing free readings in 2016 and last year decided to offer paid services as well. I've read for friends, family, and utter strangers both in person and through email. I offer a no BS insight into your questions for a fair price, and I am happy to accomodate most special requests. I still incorporate runes into my readings.


Runes - Because there is little to no artistry on runestones, when I divine, I find them to be a very logical tool, as well great for yes/no questions. The runes themselves give me the answers, as they are quite potent. I "hear" these messages through my empathic connection to all that is Earthly and then provide the message to my client. The runes are best for problems that need immediate answers, as well as yes/no questions. They do not work (for me) as a method for seeing the past or any past-life event that may have left karma behind. the are best for questions rooted in the present, and in a larger divination, can help understand what is to come.

Tarot - I have multiple decks because I firmly believe that the cards are tools. The answers come from beyond ourselves, but we don't need the cards to share them. Instead, the cards are a visual aid to make these messages clearer and more insightful. Intuition and clairvoyance are the two abilities I use most in a tarot reading, although empathy is very important when it comes to getting to the heart of the matter.

I rarely use tarot for yes/no questions. Tarot cards work best for me when interpreted at the reader's guidance, but I include multiple spreads in readings. These are usually the most requested spreads such as Three Card (Past, Present, Future), True Love, and of course the Celtic Cross.

Oracle Cards - They are, in my opinion, nice to add on to a tarot reading, but shouldn't be read alone unless the reader is very intuitive to seeper meanings the client needs to hear. I usually include one or two oracle cards in a reading, mostly to allow the client to express their happiness or disappointment in the outcome of the reading.

Services & Fees

Private Booking
30 minute live video or video recording - $20
60 minute live video or video recording - $43
60 minute reading in person - $100 (includes food or beverage credit up to $10)
Email with text and pictures - Contact me for prices.
Consultation through Text Message - Contact me for prices.

Prices are fixed regardless of topic. There is NO LIMIT to cards pulled. You pay for TIME, not information.

There are patron tiers beginning at $1 and going up to $120. All tiers $5 and above are guaranteed at least one reading.


Patreon members receive 50% off of all private booking costs.
Repeat customers receive a discounted rate on future services.
Face to face live readings are offered with a $10 food and beverage credit.


City: Las Vegas
State/Region: NV
Zip/Postcode: 89103
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Open 24 hours, available secluded and or/outdoor seating. Central location, easy to find.

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+1 (702) 9565696


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