I am an Emphatic healer that is intuitive and uses various tools, like crystals and tarot, to clarify my connection with those I am reading. I have helped people get clarity on their path for years and look forward to assisting those who need my help.

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I only in the last several years opened up about my abilities, typically previously using them only with those I was closest too. I am a divorced mom, I work professionally in the healthcare industry, where I have worked for the past 10 years. I love helping and healing others, I tend to be drawn to Blue Energy work, I see Auras. I am very non judgmental, as there isn't much I have not seen or been through in life.


I began with Visionary Dreams, which I first recognized as a child for what they were, and from there I grew with Empathic and intuitive sensory, which led me to become a healer (I am a nurse professionally by day). My first experiences led me to save lives (literally, I had visionary dreams that led me to get medical training, and during my late teens, they came to being, and I assisted in saving the life of a close family member.) I would sense trouble for those near me and suggest they alter their actions( a literally blind friend was going to go a normal for them route home, I told them something wasn't right, go the long way. There was a violent situation in the news the next day that he avoided by going the long way) and I have used these gifts to guide the troubled and give clarity to those that seek it.


I use Tarot cards to establish a connection, particularly when not in person, along with crystals and essential oils. I do both a three card spread for simple reads, using traditional methods as a guide. However, my methods tend to start speaking to me in whatever way my client needs. I often say "I don't know what I am talking about, This is what they are saying." The client usually ( 9 out of 10 times) understands the message. My gifts tell me what the client needs, what they need and how they will recognize it. I usually am not given a "back story" by my gifts.


I am a student of Renounced Sal Jade, and have studied under her for years. I am a Certified Tarot Reader through Udemy.

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