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I offer card readings, tarot and Lenormand, and spiritual guidance. I’m here to bring some clarity in people’s lives, where divinity allows me to do so.

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Nationality 🇷🇴 Romania
Languages English
Age 40
Experience 13 Years

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Since I was a kid I knew I was a bit different than other kids. I grew up at my grandparents place, country side, somewhere in Romania, next to the forest, where I spent most of my time, picking herbs and mushrooms , knowing their use without anyone ever teaching me. I mean, not in this life.:)
Playing around wild animals was something natural for me. When I was 18, I got my first tarot deck. I was fascinated, but I was not ready to use it. It took me ten years to feel prepared.
We didn’t have internet back then, so my access to knowledge was from the library, and from my so called “sixth sense”, which for some reason I was refusing to listen. This brought me some trouble in life. I had a near death experience exactly one week before turning 19, I went through a very painful divorce and another broken engagement, that affected seriously my health. Struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for years, even depression it was not easy.
My life changed when I became a flight attendant. And it’s not only that my life changed, I’ve changed! Working with people, travelling all over the world, making connections, having access to other cultures and customs, attending courses and classes, and many other amazing experiences that I went through for almost ten years, have changed completely my perspective. I became a Reiki practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist.
In August 2020, I have decided it’s time to hang up my wings, resign and follow my spiritual journey. I want to help more people using my gifts, and I want to keep learning, continue my studies, because my curiosity and hunger for knowledge are what keep me evolving, making me a better person everyday.
There is no wrong or right, there is only experience, and experience means growth.


I’ve got my first tarot deck, twenty years ago, but I was not ready to use it. I was fascinated, but somehow scared. I told myself back then, that I will only collect decks, but never use them. I had no knowledge, nor guidance. There was no internet, like today, so the only access to information was the library from my small parents’ town. Years flew by, and all this time, I’ve studied astrology, sound therapy, crystal healing, angel therapy, reiki, hypnosys, but I would still refuse doing readings, finding excuses, until one day, my best friend was desperate for help. As a last resort, I did a card reading for her.
The solution to her problem came so easy to me, everything was perfectly clear and easy, as if I was having a bond with my cards since forever. And maybe I [removed] wish I could explain you the feeling.
Since that day, and it’s been more than ten years now, I’ve decided to not deny and reject my gift anymore, and to start sharing it with others.


I use Lenormand and Rider Waite decks, but my readings are combined with astrology and some numerology, and of course, with the help of my light guides and masters.

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