With 23 years of experience and professionally certified, I can provide you with an accurate, detailed tarot reading to help guide you on your journey.

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Hello, my name is Krissi. I was brought up in a rural town located in Ohio. I had a fairly religious upbringing but began noticing a difference about me when I was younger. I could hear and see things that many others couldn’t and they weren’t always pleasant. I remember telling my mother about these occurrences and she mentioned the women in our family all have this “gift”. After that, I took it upon myself to begin studying, researching, learning. By the age of 13, I received my first Rider tarot deck and began reading for family and friends, and I never stopped. Eventually it lead to classmates, and coworkers, a fun thing at parties.
After a few extremely scary situations with hearing and seeing spirits, I tried tuning out my gifts to the best of my abilities. However, after having children, and them coming to me, as I had done in my youth, I began letting it all channel back in again so as to teach my children about their abilities. As of now I am able to hear disembodied words and am a very strong empath in the sense of being able to feel energy and emotions. These are gifts I have dealt with all my life and actively use throughout most of my adulthood as well.
With that, I do have personal witnesses who can speak on behalf of my abilities and my ability to help you.
Thank you and have a great day!


As described in my background, I have been actively reading tarot for 23 years. I was born with abilities to hear, see, and sense energy. I had an encounter which terrified me when I was in my late teens and did my best to block out those abilities. As an adult and mother, I began honing in on those abilities once my children began showing signs of having them as well. I am able to hear and sense energy, however, seeing it has weakened and I am only able to catch glimpses of light or shadows. I have taken healing and meditation classes to develop my skills and strengthen my abilities.
I am a certified spiritual healer, a reiki master, and certified tarot professional. I continue to learn and develop everyday and work hard to help people like yourself.


I am extremely experienced in using tarot cards and divination pendulum boards. However, my preferred method is using a specific spread in the tarot decks to ensure a thorough, accurate and in depth consultation. My method of contact is via email, at which point I will use the tarot cards to present to you an answer or guidance. I will take a picture of your drawn deck and email it to you with a complete explanation for each card and how it pertains to you.


Certified Alternative Healing Therapist, recognized through the International Natural Healers Association. Certified Spiritual Healer through Virtue Academy. Certified Usui Reiki Natural Healer. State certified in Ayurvedic Holistic Healing and Aesthetics, internationally recognized. Moonstar Acadamy Certificate of Completion Clairvoyant and Psychic Development. Professional Level Tarot Card Reader - Sal Jade Certificate of Completion recognized by The Psychic Healing Academy.

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