Barb Leyland

I am an empathic, hereditary, kitchen witch. My whole life I have had gifts of communication with people, animals and even the other side. I have been reading tarot cards for over 31 years and have many repeat customers. My readings can be as detailed as needed, it's a great way to see what awaits

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 42
Experience 34 Years

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I am a practicing witch that spends a lot of time helping others. I was raised in a very typical family that let me explore multiple religions and views to learn a path that makes me happy and content to show others a happier, more enlightened way. I have a natural gift and believe in making the world better, one interaction at a time. I don't disappoint during readings and want the person to feel comfort in their findings. I have people that do readings weekly due to the accuracy of being able to tap in and see.


I honestly started reading because "I thought it'd be neat", after a couple of years of what I would call playing and learning, I learned I could do so much more when I focused and connected. I have people reach out to me through word of mouth and repeat readings.


I just talk to or see a photo of the person. I shuffle my cards and concentrate and it unfolds through the [removed] always say it's painless, there may be tears but they are bad ones.


Over 30 years of reading tarot cards and assisting others in learning

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$5.00 a minutes. $50 for 30 minutes. No price difference on medium...


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