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I offer my services as a psychic and healer to provide you with clarity and healing. Since I was a very young, I have always been very "tuned in" to people, places and realms beyond our physical world. Being this sensitive has been difficult, but has provided gifts and vision I feel an urge to share

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Experience 9 Years

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I grew up in the South of England and being sensitive created many challenging scenarios and trauma - particularly with my schooling and in the workplace. I have worked and travelled abroad, facing life's usual problems but with the language barrier. I have been through more than my fair share of relationships and jobs.

I have been following a path of self-healing, absorbing the books and knowledge of healers, energy workers and effective therapists. It has often been an exceptionally difficult and painful road to travel but has been very rewarding. A couple of years ago I experienced an extreme spiritual awakening which transformed and redirected my life towards one of service.

At present I have come to accept my differences with most others and have found peace in my own company, above all.


I have worked predominantly with friends and family, guiding them through their challenges and relationships. Over time, my ability has grown to the point where they are urging me to seek out clients and help others.


I predominantly work through intuition. Spirit will come to be and provide me with information and tell me what is happening and going on, then what is likely to happen within a client's life. I will then distil that information into what I sense is going on within your body, your mind and spirit and then share that information with you. Then there may likely be the task of providing either guidance or healing and then ideally creating an 'energy shift' that helps create greater health within you.


I have studied and am supervised by a couple of liscenced therapists who provide guidance, support and advice around ethics.

Services & Fees

I tend to charge £25 / $30 / €30 for a comprehensive reading and if necessary, a remote healing session by email. I choose email as this allows me time to go deeply into my work, into a deep trance state and allows me to read what is going on within clients. I will then translate what I'm sensing and finding into words and look at how we can achieve greater resolution and harmony in that's client's life.


I believe in charging a fair and very reasonable rate for the services and energy involved. My email consultations are exceptionally good value considering the depths which can be traversed.

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