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I offer my services as a psychic and healer to provide you with clarity and healing. Since I was a very young, I have always been very "tuned in" to people, places and realms beyond our physical world. Being this sensitive has been difficult, but has provided gifts and vision I feel an urge to share

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Experience 13 Years

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I have always been incredibly curious about how things and people work, and have always wanted to relieve some of the suffering here. I have always felt "not quite of this world" or between worlds. This created a huge amount of difficulty growing up and challenging authority figures in school, the workplace and created a real battle for finding safety.

This propelled me into an intense spiritual quest in which I was very busy in big cities, to understand and heal others in an untrained empathic way. When I got burned out I turned inwards. That quest eventually led to a challenging spiritual awkenin g which continues to refine me to this day. I'm in the latter stages of a self-healing process.

Yet what that awakening has provided is great gifts of understanding, compassion, vision beyond consensus reality, information and the ability to create a level of healing and shift within others. There have been deep experiences of bliss, love where I feel connected to the essence of everything, and at times big divine energies who use me as a vessel for what wants to come forth. Humanity is evolving and my soul is here at this period in time to assist with that process. If you're here there's a good chance I can help you on your path as an individual.

My intention is to create more peace, harmony, juicyness and compassion among humans on this world. Earth can be an incredibly barbaric and abrasive place, especially for the sensitive soul. The whole process of growing up, taking on cultural conditioning, schooling, adulting, working - can be enormously traumatic. It's only through a sincere, devoted search, support from compassionate others and the odd miracle that people can break beyond these bounds. In turn they become fully themselves, more full of spirit, experience deep love and purpose. By healing themselves, they then create healing within the web of life of everyone they come into contact with.

My approach is very delicate and gentle. I do readings and perform energy work that is in alignment with you and your process and what I sense is ready for you on your path. It's essential that you feel safe and supported every step of the way. Some unskilled practitioners may move too fast or seek to push energy through you. This can create deep fear to the extent of paranoia and crisis (I have had a bad experience myself), therefore it's important that the energy can move within managable bounds. I seek to create trust, safety, peace, openness and from there use the intuitive wisdom of your body, mind, spirit and nervous system to assist it in its own talented process.

I'm willing to consider working with anybody. Although I feel those who are deep, old souls, compassionate and sensitive would gain the most from my work.

I'm a 26 year old British man who has lived in San Francisco, London, rural Spain and travelled to many other wierd and wonderful corners of this world. Although now I live and am most at peace in the English countryside with trips out to Spain. In many ways there is much more to my consciousness than the material body.


The information I have is often of a direct knowing or gnosis. In the past I read a lot of therapy books, books on healing, basic level shamanic work. I have worked as a massage therapist, learning from Youtube and then adapting my work to where the energy wanted to move through in clients. I don't have any paper qualifications as I have a distrust for institutions, it's an expensive and slow way to learn and one can get much more experience first hand. It also means my process is self-developed, raw, unique and incredibly adaptable to the needs of the moment. I'm open and ready to your unfolding needs.

I have worked predominantly with friends and family, guiding them through their challenges and relationships. Over time, my ability has grown to the point where they are urging me to seek out clients and help others.


My main focus is working through email as this gives me the time to tune in to your energy and process and work with it in an undisturbed way. It may be possible to work through Skype and I will be more willing to give that in future. However, email is best, especially to start with.

I see words as spells and I've become very adept with knowing how to use language in loving and expansive ways.

Initially, I'd like you send me an email to tell me a bit about you, who and how you are and what you're looking for support with. If you can send a picture as well that helps. From this I should be able to sense your energy remotely and tune in to it. I have the ability to see your energy field - the healthy bits and the blocks. I often am provided with information from Source about your soul, your path, relevant life events, sometimes some past life information and what you need from me. I often find this very very moving and beautiful.

From there I will tune into that field in a trance space. I work with my spirit team to do the necessary work at that point. Often there is an opening, shifts and waves of relief coming from your energy field. You may experience this in real-time, or in sleep. I look for a blueprint in this ethereal space of you in your fully-actualised, most fully soulfully you form and where appropriate integrating that information into your cells for future reference. I then ask for information about what I can do to help bridge the two parts together and to help you engage your destiny in this lifetime.

That all sounds very wafty, airy-fairy and hokey-pokey to the uninitiated, but when I do this work it's more real than real. It's extraordinarily beautiful and lovely. Once I have done this, I ask for the body to integrate this energy as best as it can.

Then coming back into my body, I will return to the computer and explain to you what I've seen, sensed, worked with and what's going on. Sometimes there may be information or dietary advice. Sometimes there may be information about relationships or connections and help for you on this path. I will often write a lot, maybe 1000 words or more. These are very dense and rich and perceptive words which will have a strong positive effect.


I have studied and am supervised by a couple of liscenced therapists who provide guidance, support and advice around ethics.

Services & Fees

I charge £50 / $60 / €60 for a comprehensive reading and remote healing session, by email.

My main focus is working through email as this gives me the time to tune in to your energy and process and work with it in an undisturbed way. Occasionally, I may not be able to help. There may be things beyond the scope of my skills, I may not be able to offer value, or it may be that we simply don't resonate with each other. That's absolutely fine, and I will tell you straight away and provide a full refund.


The feeling of being understood by someone is entirely priceless. However, I intend for my pricing to be moderate to support the needs of my own modest physical life. I don't need much from this world, however I am human and do have human needs.

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