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I am Kay a naturally gifted psychic, an empath and a life coach. My sacred mission is to offer guidance to my clients, to listen and understand them., and to answer all their questions. With the help of my tools I am offering my clients the opportunity to find the right path to their inner peace.

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Nationality 🇫🇷 France
Languages English
Age 29
Experience 8 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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LGBT Issues
Numerology Forecasting
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My name is Kay. I am a gifted and experienced psychic, empath and a life coach. I am from France and I have a girlfriend who lives in the USA. Our long distance relationship taught me patience and understanding. I am a Leo who went through break ups, friends' backstabbing bullying and even family loss. My mother passed away unexpectedly but here I am today thanks to my strong personality my love for this life my persistence I am here living hoping expecting that the best is yet to [removed] As a former handball player and a captain of my local team for 12 years I learnt that cooperating and solidarity are the most important keys for any kind of relationship to work out. I learnt that winning and realizing dreams require hardworking and determination. Despite the hardships, the tears and even lack of support I believed in myself and kept pushing myself to finish my education. I graduated from high school and got my college degree in the English Language Literature and Civilization. I became an English language teacher who makes sure that her students are always learning and improving. I cherish my job as a psychic as well. My tarot cards were always in my pocket ever since I was 13 years old girl. I talk to them and they talk to me as well. They give me hope, inspiration and guidance. I am who I am today thanks to my tools. I used to offer readings to my friends when I was a teenager I used to enlighten their hearts with the messages my cards gave me. For me, a day without drawing a smile on someone's face is a wasted day. As the captain of my local team I always come up with the best pep talk that can help cheer my teammates' spirits because I knew and I felt what they were going through and as a result we won games that no one thought we could win but we did it because I believe that anyone if they believe in themselves enough with the desire and determination to reach any goal in this life, it becomes just a matter of time to fulfill that goal. The same thing I have been doing with my clients. I listen, I understand, I analyze what they are saying then, with the help of my tools I give them the appropriate directions to sort out their own problems by themselves….


Since I was 18 I mastered the use of my tarot cards, Astrology and Numerology. I have always offered readings to my friends, my relatives and even strangers just for the sake of helping people and sharing their burden of whatever situation they are going through. My experience as an English teacher taught me how to communicate to different kinds of learners and to take into consideration their emotional, physical and psychological status which are the most important part of any kind of conversation. I developed my skills as a psychic especially during my 3 years professional experience as a human relation consultant at Cosmospace. I learnt that giving crystal clear readings and answers to my clients require the mixture of the use of the tools such as Astrology, Numerology, tarot cards and the pendulum with not only the communication skills but also my knowledge of the human sciences such as sociology and numerology. I started working by sending emails. After that I changed to online chat and later I joined the phone team and started contacting my clients through audio calls.


I am an empath, psychic, and a life coach. My mission is to transform the messages my tools; Astrology numerology tarot cards de Marseilles and the pendulum give. I do also rely on my knowledge of human sciences such as psychology and numerology to give more accurate and authentic readings.


Degree in the English Language, Literature and Civilization

Services & Fees

Phone reading: 1.99£/ min
Email reading: 4.99£/ question

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