Karmplexity of Karmplex Intuition provides Intuitive spiritual guidance, situation clarity and dream interpretation for those who maybe confused or undecided in certain situations and areas of their lives.

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From the start my family and I have been a bit "special". Indian roots and spiritual practices, I am connected to my guides whom I call my "Brothers" via dreams and intuitive meditation. After many attempted deaths of the unseen, I survived another near death experience by going into a coma, and coming out with an over heightened experience along with clairaudiance, a gift trade from being able to physically hear 100%.


In the beginning I had dreams that told the future. I would warn my family of car accidents and drastic events that may happen. Over the last 6 years I have been having more frequent dreams and warnings. Recently, I have been receiving spirit messages in my dream from ancestors who have me traveling within my dream to different eras of my spiritual life journey. Telling me there was something more that I was needed to do here in the physical, guided me to card reading and helping others overstand their lives and complicated situations by having a more opened mind and showing others how to see beyond the face value of things. I am loving my journey and am happy to help you on yours.


My ability to connect to my "Brothers" via dreams and intuitive meditation comes out during oracle card reading, clariaudiance and spirited messages.


Have completed Oracle Reading Diploma from Centre of Excellence in UK August 2020

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Personal Readings are $25 for 1/2 hr Video delivered by email. No Love Readings only relationship, family, career and money, spiritual insight and situation clarification.


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