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Hi, I am Kalmly And I am an empath and intuitive Tarot Card Reader, The Tarot and all things Mystical Have been my passion since I was gifted my first Tarot Deck at the age of 13, I Truly Believe That using my Gifts To Help Guide People on Their life Path journey, is my calling and purpose.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 43
Experience 16 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
Decision Making




Oracle Cards
Angel Cards

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In Person, Face to Face
Instant Messaging
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I was born in Iowa, And was adopted at 5 years old and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 21 i married my "high School Sweet Heart" and spent 13 years in a abusive marriage, in 2009 I was given a miracle My son, he had a brain hemorrhage at birth and is medically complexed to say the least, when he was 2 I was diagnosed with liver disease and put on the transplant list, I went through 4 chemo treatments and and survived, between being sick and getting healthy I lost 175lbs and gained a unique perspective on this beautiful life I gained the courage to to take a terrifying leap of faith and left my abuser it took 2 years to finally get divorced. I found my self and a new life and [removed]


I have been studying the Tarot and other forms of divination since I was 13, so I am mostly self taught, I have read Tarot Professionally off and on for 15 years, for for the last three years I have slowly built a loyal client base and started doing events, My goal is to start my own tarot reading business and read full time.


Before every reading I take a few minutes to meditate and clear my mind and energies, I take this time to give thanks to spirit and the universe for my gifts and I ask that spirit guide the reading and show me what the quarent needs to hear, I ask that the messages be clear and easily interpreted and no truth be spoken for a lie and no lie for a truth. I usually customize the tarot spreads Depending on what type of reading and what insight the client is in need of, I always use at least two tarot decks one for the spread and another for clarification or confirmation and I always use an Oracle deck at the end of the reading for added messages from spirit, I have a large collection of tarot card decks and intuitively choose the decks I use.

Services & Fees

Three Card Spread 35.00
Love, Career, or Life Path
about 30-35 minutes
5 card Relationship Spread 45.00
40-45 minutes
Celtic Cross Spread 55.00
About 45 minutes
Wheel Of The Year Spread 100.00
In depth look at the year ahead
About an hour

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City: White Bear Lake
State/Region: Mn
Zip/Postcode: 55110
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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