I've been working with the tarot for years, and nothing brings me more joy than being able to help, guide, and empower others through this amazing art. The tarot can cover every aspect of life, and I hope that we can give deep into whatever area of life you seek clarity.

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Being raised as the son of a preacher, my life has always been slanted towards the spiritual. I remember as a kid sitting in an empty sanctuary feeling the Spirit move through me. Now, a lifetime later, I can still resonate with that child. The church wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosities about the God that I learned about there, and so I spent a long time studying, learning, and practicing different faiths from all over the world. I've come to one conclusion: we are the beautiful creations of a loving Spirit that knows no such thing as religion, doctrine, or dogma.


I received my first tarot deck from a friend when I was 16. Since then I have read for so many wonderful people from all over the globe. It truly amazes me that I still get the same rush of excitement to see how the tarot opens up in a unique way for every single reading.


My goal with a reading is to extract as much information as I possibly can from the cards. I like to look at any situation that I'm reading for in two different ways: the big picture and the details. It's good to see the big picture and how any specific area of your life affects the whole of your life. The details are those small flashes of insight that come to me when I'm reading that really confirm the accuracy of the information coming through the cards.

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I do readings in two different formats:

Email - a written report of your tarot reading
Youtube - a pre-recorded video of your tarot reading

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