Hi all seekers and those in need of clarity. I have experience in specialized tarot readings, as well as, being clairaudiant. I do not believe in charging outrageous prices to exploit those in need, fees are contingent on situation and length needed. I specialize in emergency/crisis services.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 50
Experience 9 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
LGBT Issues
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Astrology Forecasting
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Money & Wealth
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Family Issues
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I currently live in the Northeast with my 2 dogs, My cat- Catdog, husband and daughter. I have had the gift of sight since I was a child, however, it was not acceptable in my family. I currently work for a non profit agency as a therapist for people in TBI recovery. I’m a staunch ally to LGBTQ community and prefer using my gifts for those in emergency and crisis situations. I enjoy being able to help provide clarity and guidance to those in need. I follow the Wiccan path, but definitely respect others choices and work those considerations into my readings.


I first realized I was able to “feel” and “know” things as a young child, My great gram used to come and sit on my bed. This was not ok in my family and I suffered tragic abuse because of it. In my late teens I reclaimed my path and began practicing Wicca and sharing guidance through use of astrology and tarot. I was always uncomfortable sharing “bad” news, but I don’t sugarcoat anything. Over time, I have contacted with spirit and developed the gift of clairaudiance. I am able to immediately hear words or phrases when I’m dealing with people. At this stage of my life, I am fortunate enough to be grounded and able to share my gifts and skills with others in need.


As I have developed the skill of hearing words and phrases pertaining to situations, I generally have a method I follow for readings. I generally shuffle my preferred deck, (Crystal Vision tarot), cut the deck into 3 and allow my pendulum to choose how to reorganize the deck. Once the cards are back together I ask my pendulum which direction the individual would like to focus on; generally, health, finances, or relationships. I then use my crystals and focus until I get a word or phrase in my head. I then continue with the spread

Services & Fees

General fees are as follows/ negotiable based on need
Traditional Celtic cross $25
3 card pull $5
Relationship compatibility/outcome reading $20

Life path reading $10
Emergency/crisis 1 issue decision readings $3


For all first time clients full Celtic cross readings are $10

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