I do believe in a higher power and I believe our Angels are always just a prayer away. My true passion is to use my gifts and abilities to help others gain perception and awareness of their own gifts. 20yrs Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Distance Energy Healing, Guided Meditations, Dream Interpretation

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 46
Experience 23 Years

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I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania on my family's homestead of 200+ acres. My father was in the military and my mom was a stay at home mom to me and my two older sisters. I published a novel in 2013, "Finding Faith," which is the first book of a trilogy. The other two projected books will be entitled "Having Hope" and "Lasting Love." (Faith, Hope, Love) "Finding Faith" is based on the first 20 years of my life through journal entries that I kept from the age of 11, when I began recognizing I was "different" from others and had special gifts. It also describes my teenage years, being bullied in school, my struggles with depression due to sexual assault, and how clinging to my faith helped more than anything. I've worked professionally for over 20 years as a personal assistant/executive administrative assistant, and spent 8 years working in the paranormal field broadening my knowledge to use my gifts properly. I took time recently to travel and lived in 4 different states over a 4 year period. During this time, I was able heal from past abusive relationships, and to focus my time and energy into helping others through using my gifts in tarot and dream interpretation. I still continue to read and educate myself in different fields of tarot, meditation, Chakra balancing and dream interpretation. I am now settled in the mid-west, happily married and working on starting a family with my new husband. I do believe in a higher power and I believe our Angels are always just a prayer away. My true passion is to use my gifts and abilities to help others gain perception and awareness of their path to a happy, healthy life.


I figured out I was "different" during a time before Google, so it wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I began to research and educate myself on what was going on within me. During those early years, I found some close friends to confide in who helped guide me in my journey. It was also during this early time that I began to work in the Paranormal Field. After spending close to a decade learning and observing, keeping "dream journals" and using my natural abilities of Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), and Claircognizance (clear knowing), I began going out on my own. I started to offer readings and dream interpretations to friends and family, which grew into being asked to attend events and parties. Over the last 15 years, I have developed my abilities to be able to connect with people's energy no matter the distance. I've read for people all over the US, the UK, Australia, and Costa Rica. I recently created a "shop" online and a Facebook page for people to share their experiences so I can begin to reach out to and help more people. I feel by expanding my horizons, I can begin the next chapter in my journey.


My primary technique would be considered "distance reading" where someone will contact me online for a reading. I ask right away for zero details, just a first name, and if they are wanting a "general" reading, or are focusing on a "specific situation." Again, if they request a "specific" reading, I remind them to not elaborate any details or even subject matter of any kind. I then will set up my quiet space and begin to meditate and open myself to communicate with my "higher power." I will also ask for the client's guardian angels to join me and help me to communicate any messages. I recite my protection prayers, my gratitude prayers, as I shuffle my cards, and ask for the guidance of the angels to help me communicate with the client any messages that need to come through. I shuffle until I feel comfortable, and then I deal the layout of choice. Typically, I will start with my Oracle deck and draw one card in order to validate the connection between me and the client. Depending on the single card, I will then decide what Tarot deck to use and what type of layout to use. I write my report on the interpretation of the cards and will send the report, along with a picture of the layout showing what order the cards were dealt as well as a picture of their actual cards in that pattern. A lot of times while conducting a reading, I am reminded, through visions, of my own personal experiences that I share with the client in order to establish a deeper level of connection with them.
I also do face to face readings, as well as video readings, which do allow for a stronger energetic connection.
In addition to readings, I provide dream interpretations, asking for as much information and details as possible regarding the dream. A lot of times, people think the smallest details are not important, but there is so much symbolism within a dream that I try to analyze every little detail.


Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Certified Mindfulness Life Coach
Certified in Connecting with Akashic Records
Certified to Guide Others in Meditation
Certified in Distance Chakra Energy Healing
Certified in Health & Wellness Tarot Readings
Certified in Past Life Therapy
Certified in Energy Healing with Hand Mudras

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Services & Fees

Dream Interpretations $20 (Written report)

Card Reading Pricing for Written Reports
$5 for one card
$15 for 3 Card Layouts
$25 for 5 Card Layouts
$50 for 10 Card Layouts

Card Reading Pricing for Face to Face, Video, Phone Call
$20/hour ($0.33 a minute)


Receive a daily written report of a one-card pull from the oracle deck “Daily Guidance from your Angels” for 7, 14, 21 or 30 days at discounted prices. (Please note, 7, 14, or 21-day packages can be used sporadically through one 30-day time frame. For example, if you choose a 7 day package, you can either use all 7 days in a consecutive week, or use any 7 days of the month, as long as all days are used in the same 30-day time frame.)
7 days for $25 (A savings of $10)
14 days for $50 (A savings of $20)
21 days for $75 (A savings of $30)
30 days for $100 (A savings of $50)

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