Since I was a young child, I’ve tapped now into special abilities. It’s my want to help people heal and thrive. I’ve lived all over the world and have had a chance to study in many cultures. My formal education involves reiki, Toe Reading, life coaching, hypnotherapy, palmistry, and more.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 50
Experience 20 Years

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I grew up the child of a farmer’s daughter and coalminer’s son. From a very young age, I was visited by ideas—many of them intuitions that proved surprisingly true. Since my father was in the US military, I have lived all over the world and in other cultures. As a result, I learned many spiritual traditions and rituals. As I grew older, I taught myself how to read tarot cards, practicing first on friend, and later in professional settings. I also went to school to learn business and coaching, and was a successful corporate manager for many years. Eventually, the call of my abilities became too loud, and I went back to school, this time to learn life coaching, palmistry, formal tarot, and become a master in reiki, Toe Reading, and hypnotherapy. I have experienced much in my life, both through my own experiences and through the people I’ve encountered. A part of my week is spent doing volunteer work at a local farmer’s market, wildlife center, and LBGT youth shelter. As a result, I know how to hold space for others but how to see through the armor we all wear to the truth.


As a young child, I had the ability to understand animals and look into people to see who they were or what had happened in their past. I’d get awakened in the middle of the night at times with thoughts about the future. Often times, my intuition served me correctly. When I grew older, I began reading tarot cards for friends and then strangers, and was amazed at the results the readings got. Then, I went to business school and got a Master’s. I began managing large groups of people and found that I was most successful when I used my intuition and helped them to develop beautiful lives that would both fulfill and amaze them. I continued doing readings on the side. Eventually, I decided to return to school and got a formal education in all the psychic abilities I’d been informally practicing. Now, I live my everyday life in the spiritual realm. I have over 20 years of experience in tarot card and psychic readings, 20 years of business experience, and 5 years of life coaching, reiki, and hypnotherapy. My approach is to get to the root of issues so that we can find the truth together. I no longer am afraid of the angels that visit me or my own intuition. I’m constantly traveling so that I can open the mind’s eye even more.


Every day, I start with Yoga, some intention setting, and meditation. I ask the spirits that visit me for guidance and also look for “downloads.” “Downloads” are ideas that come to me concerning those I know and don’t know. I write these down so that I can see where they play out in my daily life and those around me. Every time I do a reading, I ask the spirits and angels to give me divine guidance. I consider myself a conduit for them, and want to help others find their answers. Embracing my abilities has been a lifelong journey, where others noticed I was psychic—even those who don’t believe in it—and enough people pointed it out that I could no longer hide. When we embrace our gifts, we make the world better around us by default.


BA, Univeristy of Chicago - Business
Master’s certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - reiki, Toe Reading, tarot reading, life coaching
Advanced yoga teacher training, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Services & Fees

All Prices are Based on an Hour Reading. I offer shorter readings as well. Please email for details.

Psychic reading: $60
Toe Reading: $50
Life Coaching: $80
Reiki: $45
Palm reading: $50
Tarot reading: $50


First time clients receive $10 off. Anyone who books 5 sessions gets 1 of their choice free.

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