Merry meet! I'm Jazzie, and I've been using cards for divination for over a decade now. I like to think of the cards as a dear friend that always shares their wisdom when we need it most. Imparting insight into all our life circumstances- All we have to do, is show up and listen.

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I am an aquarius sun with scorpio moon, and have a life path and destiny of 11.

This shows up in my personality as being extremely open minded and incredibly intuitive and empathetic. I am fascinated with the spiritual world and all its workings. As I grew up in what I consider a religious cult, I have never resonated with the idea of following one specific religion, and now happily create my own spiritual experience by adding ingredients that I discover as I continue to study all religions and beliefs.

I am able to see energy, and sense core aura colors through my interaction with others, and can use my empathetic abilities to truly feel how another is feeling. My life's purpose is to help others learn how to heal themselves through the use of connection to spirit, crystal energies, and yoga.


I started playing with divination when I was very young, and officially started reading tarot exclusively at the age of 22. A focus on staying connected to my spirit guides, and following my intuition has enhanced my life, and drawn me to the path of helping others do the same.


When reading the tarot for others, I not only include the symbology and intuitive messages I receive in the reading but also the numerological associations that come through.

Finding the perfect spread for your situation I find essential to a great reading! I am happy to customize a spread tailored to your unique question.


Certified Crystal Healer

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