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Welcome to Intuitive Love Tarot! I am Intuitive Lotus here to assist you using my spiritual gifts , tarot, astrology and numerology to help gain insight and clarity for one's life; be it spirituality, family, love or friends.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 41
Experience 10 Years

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A 38 year old mother of two wonderful special needs children, using unconditional love, empathy, understanding, compassion, wisdom and spiritual gifts to help relay messages to others from the higher power.
Living in New Jersey, I am blessed to have started this new chapter in my life. As many other people, I did not grow up in a positive environment, in fact it was extremely traumatic. However, I have learned over my years that everything that I have endured was to prepare me for my mission. The best lessons I have ever learned are the one's I have personally experienced.
I consider myself to be a spiritual person, I am not associated with any religion and do not discriminate against others who are.
I am well versed in a variety of situations and am able to view things from many perspectives.
I am here to love, to share love, to spread love and to be love


My experience as a counselor may be a bit different from the others, but I choose to use myself as an example because I am most proud of my spiritual growth.

Because I was raised in many toxic environments, I have always drawn toxic people towards me. I never understood why until six year ago. This was happening to me because of how I was treated as a child and those wounds were never healed. So in those toxic people, I was searching for acceptance; and it was not until I accepted what I was doing to cause it that things changed. I realized I can take my power back and I no longer have to go through life expecting love from other people. the lesson I learned from those experiences is to love myself.


The techniques I use to conduct readings are my spiritual gifts along with astrology, tarot and numerology.


The University of The Most High

Services & Fees

$5 for 5 min

$10 for 10 min

$25 for 30 min

Numerology Relocation Reading - $30 for 60 min

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