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Hi, my name is Jenn and this is Intuitive Intuition. I am your empathic soul healer and guide. I am an authentic soul looking to connect with other authentic souls in their search for meaning and purpose. I will help guide you to your purpose in this life.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 6 Years

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I am a sensitive soul who grew up in California. I have always been receptive to the fine energies of nature, being close to animals and enjoying time outdoors. I am a student of natural science and spiritual growth. I channel God, angels, my own guides, natural energies, and tangential messages from your own spirit and guides.

I had a dream as a child that I ascended into my higher being and felt the hand of God, and heard his voice telling me I have a gift I must share with the world. The past 3 years have been torrential. I have awakened, raised in vibration, and developed a fine tuned sense for universal truth.

Now I am seeking to grow my abilities and spread light and love across the worldby helping to raise the vibrations of my fellow soul seekers.


It started in childhood. I was thought of as a judge-like soul and I always kept to myself. My mother would sometimes ask me to rub her shoulders or hands or something in pain,and she noticed a strange sensation in my fingertips.

As I got older and finally reached the age of puberty, my intuitive abilities hit me like a ton of bricks - I did not understand. The vibration f my fingers had spread to my palms and the pain others felt melted away as I lay my hands upon them.

Now, I feel the energy pulse through my hands, up my arms, and into my body. I am studying reiki and building my energetic vibration by the day.


I am a young empath, spiritual healer, intuitive clairsentient and tarot/charm reader. I have been chosen by the ascended masters to help raise the vibration and energy of this realm.

I am a divine vessel through which messages flow. I divinate through cards and charms. I can answer questions, channel guides, direct messages, and otherwise serve as a conduit.

Services & Fees

My prices depend on time, subject matter, and communication method.

Text/email/chat - $5 service fee (a 3-4 card reading, confirmations, a picture, and a prayer)

Phone - $10 service fee (includes 3-4 card reading, confirmations, a charm reading, a picture of both readings, and a prayer)

Videos: $33 service fee

~~~we will discuss the nature of each reading, as these tend to be more in depth and personalized. I have listed some flat rates, you must pay a 50% deposit before the reading and then pay the rest afterwards, or pay in full beforehand.

Video Menu (flat rate):

~week ahead reading: $7

~month ahead reading: $14

~spiritual health reading: $21

~divine twin reading: $28

~life purpose reading: $35


First video reading is 25% off!

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