Hello to you all. I am an empath tarot/oracle reader. I specialize in Love/relationships [removed] Your current relationships, possible ex partners(if you choose to know) possible future connects as well as spreads regarding your person's feelings, actions etc. towards the connection.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
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Age 33
Experience 7 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
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I am 31 mother of 3. Ive been married 2 years. I starting getting into esoteric practices at a young age of 12. I just always felt connected to it. Its as if i was born to do this. To me this is my calling. This is my way of helping to heal those in need. Why at the same time learning daily as i continue my own spiritual journey here in the physical. I would say doing this kind of work has helped me even in my down days and has kept me in the good ones. Even as someone whom has suffered through some would say unforgiving heartaches this has truly strengthing me and my gift. I always say u learn about yourself more when at your lowest points. Im truly grateful for this gift and i hope to help those in need of it


My experience comes from direct and personal life experiences. With each of the good and or bad came wisdom and healing to me to better understand the next persons advice for them or their situation. Also is to be a comfort for those that have been through either similar personal situations like myself and or circumstances that or on the path to be.


As an empath i use tarot and or oracle as my tool to better see into a persons circumstances. Being an empath also helps me be able to relate to a persons needs or guidance at the time of their reading. I also like to use some astrology as confirmation [removed] zodiac signs for my readings as well.

Services & Fees

My email reading prices are dependant on the type and or cards pulled for the client.
5 card "Whats the deal" love reading is $55 it consists of:
card 1. Current situation/love energy between you and your person
Card 2. The challenge in the connection
Card 3. The "why/foundation" to the connection
Card 4. The Advice for the connection
Card 5. The potential outcome of the connection

I also have a:
3 Card Spread that is $40 it consists of:
Card 1. Your person's thoughts towards you or the connection
Card 2. Your person's feelings/emotions towards you or the connection
Card 3. The actions your person will or want to take towards you or the connection

Angel card readings are $15 per card pulled

I do not charge per minute, hour etc. However i shall advise you that given the energy or message your reading can range from 20mins to an 1 hour long. No more or less.

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