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I am a Spiritual Life coach and Tarot Reader. I do readings and create sessions that allow you to recognize your greatness and create your own future. I use Intuitive Tarot Reading as a tool to understand your shadows and uncovering limiting beliefs preventing you from living your greatest version.

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Nationality πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South Africa
Languages English
Experience 13 Years

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I am a South African living in Israel. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader and Mind/Body/Spirit Massage Therapist. My journey started off 18 years ago in the field of massage; I understood that I'm an empath and can sense the energies of my clients; I was aware of the Spiritual Realm within which we reside. I discovered Louise Hay - How to heal your life, through which began my Spiritual journey. I decided to travel to Israel which became my Spiritual 'school': very quickly I faced all my fears, Israel shook my inner core, I faced hardships and trials; my only solace was connecting with the angels and spirit guides; once I opened that door, there was no turning back. I literally and figuratively crossed borders to meet myself. I was welcomed by the loving light of the Divine and then plunged into my darkest abyss to meet and discover the fullness of my Being-ness.
After 12 years on this Spiritual Journey, through my darkest shadows to happiest moments ever, I understood that we can't ever really know, the Universe is magical and unpredictable, but with the Divine Guidance from Tarot and Messages from our Guides, we are able navigate easier through life's experiences and situations. We discover our abilities and Creative Genius within ourselves by letting go and trusting Spirit guidance. I currently work as a Spiritual Life Coach with Tarot, helping my clients navigate their experiences and situations from a Higher Perspective.


2008 started doing readings for my massage clients
2019 -2020: free online readings.
2020 to 2022: Professional Tarot Reader and Life Coach privately from the comfort of my home.
2022: Starting Online Readings


*I answer your questions pertaining to the actions or choices you need to take for the highest good.
*Birthdate, Unfiltered photo
*Tarot Cards/Oracle Cards
I use you birthdate and unfiltered photo of yourself to pick up on your energy, pull 3 tarot cards and allow my intuition to channel the message divinely for you.

Services & Fees

email: I answer your questions pertaining to the actions you need to take in your life for the highest good
3 card reading 17$
1 follow-up reading (1 card) 7$

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