I always felt there's got to be more to this world, a simple knowing there's so much behind the stories we live today. Why, who with, and how to walk down the path of life to become the best version of ourselves? Let me look into the Tarot cards for you, and ease your everyday pains and troubles.

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Nationality 🇸🇮 Slovenia
Languages English
Age 45
Experience 6 Years

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LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
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I am an open-minded person from Slovenia in my mid-forties who just loves to do things differently. I truly adore my two creatures Ellie and Max (don't worry I am just talking about cats), and enjoy nature where I gather and grow herbs for tea, medicine, "potions" and more. I live with my partner of 11 years, not married, but we see no problem in that. Life is good.


For as long as I remember I have always ended up in deep, healing conversations with people who needed help. Whether they just needed someone to talk to, or with a help of Tarot readings. I am also a certified therapist for Tesla Metamorphosis healing therapy.


We will work together with a help of my Tarot cards to address and overcome the obstacles in your way. When feeling stressed out or "running on fuels", Tesla Metamorphosis healing therapy will help you recuperate your energy, and return to your old self.


Tesla Metamorphosis therapist.

Services & Fees

1 x Tarot reading - 40$
1 x Tesla session - 25$ (minimum 3 sessions required)


3 Tarot readings (within 30 days) + one free reading.
3 x 3 Tesla sessions (within 6 months) + 1 x 3 Tesla sessions free.

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