Hello and welcome! I am an open-minded friend to all and would be more than happy to use my abilities to help you in any way, shape, and form I can. I am very honest and don't sugar coat things but at the same time I'm not one to be cruel. Let's talk and learn together!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 24
Experience 10 Years

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While many see me as a young lady just beginning life, I am someone who has lived many lives and retains a lot of wisdom from each. I pride myself on how well I listen and talk through situations until we both understand the situation and what my cards are telling me.
I am proudly pansexual and have struggled through my early years to reach the confident and proud place I am today.
I come from a family with good intentions but not always the best execution. Though I was raised Roman Catholic and Jewish, I have studied a wide range of religious and spiritual thoughts and have a created my own way of thinking and viewing the world.
I have worked in many fields throughout high school but currently am a bailiff at a courthouse while going to college. I'm majoring in American Sign Language translation with minors in pre-law and world religions.
If I'm missing anything feel free to ask!


I received my first tarot deck my freshman year of high school and have yet to stop practicing. What started as a curiosity and way to entertain my friends has blossomed into how I live my life and help others live their best lives.


I mostly use tarot cards but can dive deeper with my other abilities. I have the most accurate results with my cards and have less control over my other abilities so while I may ask questions due to these abilities I will not claim them to be fact.

I try not to speak in definite statements because I do not see readings as me telling you exactly what's going on. I try to filter the information I'm given and talk through things with you until things make sense to both of us. I am a strong believer that these readings are experiences we go through together.

When it comes to readings regarding the future I try to step lightly. I am a believer that the moment I cut the deck it takes a snapshot of that moment and gives information with the info in that snapshot alone. Many things can change from that snapshot (the fact that you are getting a reading in and of itself can change that) and you have to take the information about the future with a grain of salt.

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