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I offer my services as a tarot and oracle reader (provided you give me one hour notice in order for me to reset the energy of the decks), as well as a reader of numerology and astrology (provided you give me 24 hours notice and a range of time for me to research).

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 21
Experience 4 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Astrology Forecasting
Numerology Forecasting
Money & Wealth
Life Guidance
Decision Making




Oracle Cards
Astrology (Vedic/Hindu/Indian)

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I'm Henry, from England. Growing up, my parents always advocated self expression, logic and intuition, which helped me to grow and find my own path. Being taught the concept of the middle path and disciplines such as Yoga, spiritual healing, the arts, Taoism and manifestation, I would say that I'm more qualified than most people of my age to read for people, as my experiences in life have allowed me to gleam a lot about the nature of life.

I've had a wide array of experiences during my upbringing, including spending time as a Scout, and later Explorer, doing ritual with my parents who are both witches, and pushing my ability as an animator, illustrator, author and sculptor forward. I have had no job experience in the mainstream, but have done dozens of readings for people I know online since beginning my journey 2 years ago.

I'm currently single, and have had a plethora of relationship experiences, ranging from toxic and karmic to fulfilling and light. I have no children and am heterosexual. I'm of the belief (although I call it my personal truth in conversation) that we are all brushstrokes of Unity / Source / God, and that we have been made manifest willingly by our soul, depending on the ability to see clearly as a soul before incarnating on Earth. Since the age of 17, I have honed my skills for reading astrology, numerology, tarot and oracle, although tarot and oracle have taken a precedence within my spiritual work.


Shortly after turning 18, I began to read for other people, after spending around 9 months reading for myself. This originally came with mixed results, as most people feel like they didn't resonate with the reading. However, this improved surely but steadily and I began to give those who resonated with tarot more so than not, and therefore had little resistance to it, readings for free, to help build up my ability and reputation as a tarot reader.

In the last year, my tarot readings have become more and more accurate, as I have allowed spirit and my own intuition and discernment to guide me into having a fluid practice, utilizing information about the cards written in books, as well as imagery that I interpret differently depending on the client's question.

Within the last 6 months alone, I have done around two dozen readings for free, for friends and online acquaintances.
Evolving continuously and constantly, I recently did my first paid reading for six people at a party on the weekend of Samhain, and received positive feedback for the reading. In addition, people resonated with the readings, as a few hours later, they were speechless at my ability.


My methods and approach around tackling matters really work around my ability for tarot and astrology, as I can correlate the resonance of the current day or moment to the overall feeling for the tarot cards in the reading.

For instance, if the energy of The World or 8 of Wands is at the centre of the reading, I can apply research done around the date the reading is conducted on, or that the client is enquiring about, to tie the cards themselves and the energy for the date in question together to formulate a unique perspective that the client can resonate with.

Services & Fees

A general reading - one without a specific question - costs £30 / NZ$57 / $41 per hour.
Love readings (ex, current, complicated and future romance) cost £33 / NZ$63 / $45 per hour.
Spiritual guidance readings (spirit, higher self, ancestors, decision making, life guidance) cost £35 / NZ$66 / $48 per hour.
Readings including astrology and numerology forecasting cost £35 / NZ$66 / $48 per hour.

Face to face readings are limited to London and Kent, England, and cost an additional £20 / NZ$38 / $27 per hour (for the reading itself).
Video readings cost an additional £5 / NZ$9 / $7 per hour.


Use coupon FIRSTREADING to receive a price reduction of £5 / NZ$9 / $7.

There is currently a price reduction of 10% for any reading that exceeds one hour. This offer will expire on December 1st 2021.

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