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Everyone needs some insight to their life for various reasons either to get success or getting rid of bad luck and so on. I started Cartomancy,Palmistry as a hobby during my teenage and i felt happy when people were bewildered when i interpreted about them and advised them for solutions.

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Nationality 🇳🇵 Nepal
Languages English
Age 36
Experience 9 Years

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I am from Nepal . I were born to a Buddhist family but i grew up as a Hindu( Spiritualism) because my mother she was inclined to hinduism . I follow both customs of hindu and buddhist . I am married person and have a son. I work as a clerk in a Organization related to Energy ( Solar , Biogas, Biomass) . I were guided by my Grandfather who himself is a professional and then I started cartomancy,palmistry, psychic reading during my teenage as a hobby. It was fun during that time to interpret about friends and relatives and also some strangers and more overwhelming when it were true. I had friend during my high school who wanted help from me for he was confused either to continue his further studies in Nepal or go abroad for higher studies. I had to go abroad for working then there i came in contact with him in Facebook and he thanked me for what i had done for him as a result he succeed his higher studies abroad in Europe . That event gave me some hope that even though i am busy in job where i don't use cartomancy or palmistry i could make good contacts , friends and some money during my free hours coz talents don't die easily. I were surprised when a witch doctor asked me to interpret about him and his job and health coz that helped him a lot in his job . Currently i am a kind of family interpreter to family group who are living abroad in different countries .


Well it was hobby when i started cartomancy,palmistry and psychic reading ( Energy) during teenage . I predicted about Health issues ,Travelling abroad , Wealth ( Gain and Loss) , Relationships , Jobs , Energy vibe in home and i were happy to know when they told me that what you told came true. One of my friend completed his higher studies abroad because of me and still i do help him and his family members and friends to figure out solutions to their life . People contact me when they need help for their problems let's say i occasionally do this .


My methods are Cartomancy , palmistry and psychic interpretation for positive energy in home .

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