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I offer great ability to understanding and empathy, intuition and helpful communication skills. I can guide to discover the energies involved in the specific fields of life regarding the quest and bringing to light the hidden patterns in order to achieve the information leading to a best decision.

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Nationality 🇮🇹 Italy
Languages English, Italiano
Experience 21 Years

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Hello, I am from Italy, I am married and we have a son and a daughter.
Since childwood I was interested in parapsychology and I studied and experienced many means to relate with our infinite spiritual world from which we can receive help, guidance and inspiration. In my life, both porfessional and daily, I developed the gifts of intuition, understanding and good will to help people. Professionally I am Educator, and I was employed for more than 40 years in Education, both teaching in and managing schools.
I also worked 9 years in UK, where I attended many courses in the field of spiritual connection. I have the ability to connect with people and help them understanding their life path.


My esperience was developed naturally, as I discovered my abilties, and studied numerology, tarots, runes, and in general in the field of symbolism. I use symbols to amplify intuition and understanding. I started counseling parents, as required by my job in Education, more than 40 years ago, so I gained a deep and wide experience in relationship issues, family problems, and the challenges that children and young people have to face in their growth. When I get confident with symbolism reading, I started to help friends and acquaintance, and during my stay in UK, I began reading professionally.


My approach to the matter is always based on the conntection with the person requiring help.
This connection is the sourge of all the knowledge I can gain on the matter, and with reading tarot, or other symbols, I can understand the challanges, the obstacles, and the origins of the problem. Then I can enlight the right course and the better way to face the situation. But I make very clear that the client is totally responsible of the choice, and the decisions have to be made by her of him. My help is in bringing to light what is inside ad unconscious, and show the possible consequences of the different ways that lay ahead.


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