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Hello, I am a practising reader, witch, and heathen. Being a reader runs in my family so I am grateful for the gift that has been passed down to me. My goal is to help people from all walks of life any way I can.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 26
Experience 5 Years

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I am 23, from Great Britain. I am married with a daughter, I may be young but I often get told I am mature for my age, this is due to the abuse I endured during my adolescence. I am autistic but I believe that makes me naturally intuitive and able to see things a little differently. I am bisexual as well. I follow the Norse pantheon but I enjoy learning about other cultures, mythology, and practices. I firmly believe knowledge is power as that is what I was brought up believe. My mother and grandmother are both readers and witches in their own way. I also run my own business where I sell pagan supplies. I am open minded and non-judgemental so I am to help everyone I can.


I started helping people at the age of 15, my friends and sometimes family would often come to me with their issues. I offered a listening ear, open mind, and tried to help them see things from different perspectives. I carried on helping people as I grew older and often strangers now ask me for help. I did a counselling course at 22 which deepened my knowledge of how to help people and in 2020 I plan on doing a psychology degree to be able to further help people. I now incorporate tarot and oracle readings into my helping to open their mind to further possibility. I also do some dream interpretation to further help people.


I mainly use tarot and oracle cards to help the people who ask me for it. As well as these skills I am an empath and I can often feel the energy from pictures of places/environments/buildings. I also do some dream interpretation although this is my main area.


I have a HNC in counselling

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