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I believe that Tarot cards represent the perfect tool for personal transformation. Along the same principles as life coaching but with intuition as the guide. With my readings the focus is less about divination and more about connecting to your inner wisdom.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
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Experience 35 Years

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I was brought up the city, but have long lived in rural somerset and for the last three years I've been living in a caravan in the woods. Being surrounded by nature fills me with joy and I believe helps me to utilise a deeper wisdom for my readings. I've done much work in education and the arts but now I'm focusing on helping others by using the cards. My mother bought me my first deck of cards 35 years ago and told me that my granny also read the cards before me. I'm proud to have inherited all my Granny's books on the subject and to be continuing the family tradition these last 35 years.


I love reading Tarot for people and being there for them at the crossroads. Uncovering what can only be seen via the intuition. In my career in education and the arts I often took a mentoring role for children and students helping them to unlock potential and organise for success. I bring the joy of helping people into my current work with Tarot. Where I can connect with someone and give them a boost as you show them an alternative routes and options. I often think of Tarot as simply medieval life coaching!


I read around the table in one to one readings. But in cases where I am remotely reading I usually walk out through the woods to find a quiet space, where I can place the cards directly on the earth. I prepare by meditating to set my intention as a guide and reader and then find the person I'm reading for in my minds eye. Before beginning I ask for or invite any intuitive messages to come through, from other realms before reading, so I can add this insight to enrich the readers experience. When I'm reading Tarot I'm sending healing to the person I'm reading for.


GCSE English Maths/ A Level History/Psychology/Social Policy/ English Literature Higher National Diploma in Design.

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