I got my first tarot deck at age 16 and used tarot as a tool for meditation and [removed] believe we can create our own future and circumstances are not set in stone, so I read tarot to gain insight and to empower people to make choices that serve their highest good and happiness.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 39
Experience 5 Years

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I am originally from London in the UK, but have been based in Los Angeles for several [removed] I have had a couple of long term committed relationships, but also dabbled in polyamory exploring my self love and freedom. I have been practicing red tantra yoga for 4 years and am a certified tantric coach and healer. Meditation is a big part of my daily life, and I have been practicing kundalini yoga and meditation for 16 years and I am a certified kundalini yoga teacher and animal reiki healer. I have 2 beloved cats who I adopted, they are my best friends and my inspiration. Being based in Los Angeles I have dabbled in acting, music producing and writing. When I was based in the UK I worked with children and teenagers at a school for the deaf. Sign language is a passion of mine and sometime I think in sign. I am continuing to discover and learn new things. After a trip to New Orleans I fell in love with the city and signed up for a course in Southern Rootwork and New Orleans Voodoo. Learning about history, culture and folklore fascinates me and I have developed and learnt new spiritual practices and connections with spirits and [removed]


I started doing tarot readings for friends and family several years ago, and I used to get readings from other [removed] this helped my learn how I wanted to be as a counselor when I experienced being the [removed] sometimes my experience was not [removed] There is an art to delivery, so with anyone I council or read for that I can open the door for them to get in touch with their own higher self and inner knowing ... and to leave them with a sense of soul connection that leaves them uplifted and clearer towards their path of happiness.


I use tarot combined with empathy, and connection with ancestors.

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