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Hi there, beautiful souls! This is Grace from Fourfoestarot. Im a tarot, oracle, angel card reader. Im highly intuitive and is an empath for over 9 years. I pride myself in my concise, accurate and compassionate readings for my clients. I've always believe in my ability give comfort to my clients

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Nationality 🇸🇬 Singapore
Languages English, 中文
Age 31
Experience 13 Years

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Im a 29 years old girl from a small little asian country called Singapore.

My first exposure to tarot was due to me being diagnosed with early childhood depression, as a kid i had a lot of time alone and was always the odd one out in the family. i start tarot as a source of self discovery, to gain more clarity for myself and how i fit into this world. As i grew up, my connection with the tarot got stronger and stronger, as i went through a few abusive relationship. I start reading for myself and the people around me on a daily basis. Soon words spread and in time, i found myself reading for friends and friends of friends. The pool just grew bigger and bigger. And through that i found my calling in bringing comfort and assurance to the people who i care or have grown to care for. Tarot has guided me through my life by offering me perspective and insight, by granting me the chance to see some of life's challenges through a new lens.

I'm attached to a lovely scorpio man, someone who proudly supports me in what i do and what i love. Someone whom i know i will happily spend the rest of my life with.

I've been reading for my clients for over 10 years in Singapore, Cambodia (I've lived there for 3 years) and the US via Skype, FB messenger, face to face etc. I've always believed in helping my clients to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. My readings are always full of compassion and empathy. I don't believe in judgement or faulting someone for his or her past or for their sexual orientation. When a clients reads with me, a safe space is created and in here, they can be as vulnerable and as honest as they want to with me and their emotions. My aim for all my client readings, is that my clients will leave the reading with a sense of calmness, peaceful mind and a sense of clarity in where they are now and what they have to do to get past their obstacles. Empowering them to find their strength to take on life's challenges.

I'm a catholic, but i believe that the spirits and ancestors that I'm connecting with are from the purest and highest form. My connection with God and the holy spirit is nothing but pure love and light. My readings and my advice are from the the purest of heart.


From the start when i was reading for my family members and close friends, i was afraid to mention how i truly felt, afraid to mention the message that i get from the cards, as i do not want to hurt their feelings. But as i read for more and more clients, i realise that many of them, are very aware of their current situation and they are looking for confirmation or some sort of understanding from someone. I begin to be as honest and as truthful as possible, because i believe that the message that im getting is the message that they need to hear at this point of their life. But at the same time, i grew to be extremely empathic towards them and show more concern and compassion towards their situation. Clients will come back to me repeatedly, as im never judgmental towards them and the choices that they decide to make in their life.


I work strongly with tarot and oracle cards, combining with my knowledge of horoscope and numerology. I have created a few tarot spreads based on all the years of tarot reading. I also have adopted a free reading style depending on the feeling that i get from the interaction from my clients.

Services & Fees

15 mins -38 usd
30 mins - 48 usd
60 mins - 78 usd
90 mins - 98 usd
* there is not limit to the cards being pulled.

1 Question - 15 USD
General 5 Houses Spread with in-depth detail and explanation. (1hr 30mins- 2hrs) - 150USD
24 hrs Urgent reading - 200USD
* This can be done via Skype or FaceTime. Or i can email to you the reading (150usd for email).


Right now due to Convid19, Im giving a 30% discount to all my readings.
Validity : 7 April - 7 May 2019

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+65 87181780


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