I am a healer, tarot reader and Intuitive. I help people move past trauma, greif and codependency. I help people find a better version of themselves.

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Most people call me Fluffy. My name means resilience and to Endure. I am a 38 years old. I live Santa Cruz, California. I am gay, but not auspicated with any of the relevant social groups. I was raised Christian. I have an [removed] in Horticulture and a [removed] in Small Business Management. I work in a small spiritual store. where I am one of the tarot readers on call. I run many of the meditations, lunar rituals and facilitate many of the other meetups. We are currently shifting them to be held online due to the current pandemic.
I and am a pagan in the Corrilian Tradition. This particular path follows the God and Goddess and utilizes tools like the tarot, astrology and the wheel of the year to help map out their practices and areas of study. Paralleling that, I also study modern Nordic paganism. There is an emphasis on current practices as they apply to this day and time. Among the deities that are out there, I favor Odin, Hecate and Backhaus and Loki.
In our legends and fables many of the gods and goddesses depicted as problematic or undesirable in some manner. I few them as arch types, written to play a certain role. I imagine them simply as people, who live, grow and evolve. Given a few thousand years to change, I expect the gods to become decent people who are willing to help us humans with respect and honesty. Given this freedom to be who they are, I find that these “people” are egger to of service and are willing to help whomever needs it.
Backhaus for example, is the god of partying. He is always getting drunk, stoned or otherwise gorged on some sort of food and is partying late into the night. He seems to live an excessive life style. What we see is actually a snapshot of his reality. We can take a lesson from this person. He has to maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and manage his stress levels so he can be ready to party. We may not see this, but Bacchus probably drinks a lot of water while partying, and takes aspirin after he drinks a lot, and eats solid food with lots of protein and carbohydrates after the party so he can recover properly.
I find examples of how to live our lives properly all around us, and in our histories and legends. Some people are able to interact with the parts of the world we can not see with more intimately than other people can, for some they can only perceive what is physically here. Both ends of the specrum is valid. Empowerment comes from within or from the universe around us. Each view point is valid and acceptable.
I learned this mindset from working with people….normal people. Everyone wants to be seen, heard and validated. To be respected is to accept people at face value. Everyone has a story, and they all have a beginning, middle and end. It is not my place to judge a person on where they are, or what they had to do to get to where they currently are.
I am currently looking for true love. I found my twin flame, and she is almost exactly like me…so much so iits like talking to the better version of my-self. I found the dark version of myself, and he is aslo like me, but a complete energy vampire and causes chaos where ever he goes. I am currently looking to attract a new love into my life, someone who I have no past life karma with. To do this, I am learning how to love my self, to take myself out on dates and to treat myself better than the way I feel like I deserve to be treated. It is possible to find true love while looking for it, and to find someone who loves you completely, but its less complicated to be with someone if you are self-sufficient.
I started learning how to do tarot when I met my Twin-Flame. She is a professional reader and is a high priestess in her tradition. She gave me my first deck and showed me how to connect to the divine. We were never able to get together in this life, because she spent her life avoiding men, and she is the main care giver of her mentally ill mother. I had spent most of my life avoiding relationships with women. She taught me that it is ok to simply love someone and be in the moment, without worry of the past or future.
I spent a few years doing readings for my friends, and family. I then did readings for people at pagan events and rituals and other parties. I slowly worked my way up to larger and larger crowds. I started working at a local monthly psychic fair last year. Within a few months, I become one of the main organizers. I am currently looking at a way to move it online.
I have been working with clients through the tarot and other healing modalities. I focus on where people want to be in their lives, and what their goals and aspirations are. We look at past obstacles, traumas and codependent tendencies. I provide practical advice in small achievable steps that can have a lasting impact in a person’s life.
When I work with a person, I assume they are telling me the truth. If they are being less than honest with me, then I cannot help them find the aid they are looking for. Often, if they are trying to deceive me, or themselves, they are looking for a way to seek validation that what they are actually doing is acceptable. If that is the path you are on, then I hope you find solace in your attempt at validation. The universe knows what it is you are trying to achieve, and you will be given more opportunities to continue to try.


I have always been an empath. I grew up listening to people talk about what they struggle with and how they are always trying to better their lives and find ways to move past trauma and codependent relationships. I remember feeling what they were experiencing. It took me a long time to realize a lot of those people who I was hanging out with Were the narcissist bullies and malcontents. They were just projecting their issues onto other people. I had to spend years struggling to dig myself out of the hole they dug me into. Once I realized that it was my opinion that mattered, not theirs, the hole I was in vanished.
I quickly realized I was very much like the people I had surrounded myself with, and I had the capicty to see people as they are. This was when I realized I was an empath and could feel what other people were feeling. I did not like the negativity flowing though me. I decided to do something about it. I put up shields to block out the toxic people in my life. Slowly, they faded away as they could not find validation from me.
As I worked with clients through the tarot, I discovered that many of the people I was working with are on the same path I was on. One of self-empowerment and discovery. They were struggling to untangle themselves from toxic people. I found myself explaining repeatedly how to block the bullies in their lives and how to vibrate at a higher frequency.
Often, the biggest change a person can make, is to start off small. Do a 5 minuite meditation to let your self relax, allow yourself to be unhappy for a time, eat that ice cream you are craving, if you can afford it-take a sick day from work….We become unhappy and depressed when we stop allowing oursevels to prcess though the things that bother us. We have fears and dislikes and bad days and throw tantrums for a reason. They help keep the negative energies from building up. It is easy to create a safe space where a person can look at the parts of themselves that make them unhappy and engage in conversations and learn what the real fears, problems and misconceptions are really causing a person to have so many issues that undermine their ability to lead a prosperous life.
I kept on running into people in the pagan communities that were happy, who had a high self esteem and were in happy relationships. They talked about doing the shadow work and integrating their darkness with their light….or looking at all parts of themselves and finding unity.
I started doing some research on this “unification of the selves.” First, I learned that people are likely to suffer disappointment sooner or later if they place any sort of expectations on to other people. This gives them power over you…and control. That means if they fail to meet your expectations, you suffer and become upset. This is the foundation of which codependence is built upon. Romantic relationships are also built upon this idea. For many people, validation is received from the other. This can be positive or negative in its expression. Some people feel as if they are deserving of neglect or abuse. On the other end of the spectrum….People may feel loved and empowered by their partners. This is a great thing to have in your life. But I kept finding a certain level of fear in this. I am still giving up my power to someone else.
My twin flame seemed to have something in her life that made her glow. It was confidence and it came from the belief that she didn’t need anyone to tell her she is awesome. She believed it her-self. She didn’t need me to compliment her or tell her she is the most amazing creature out there. She helped me recognize the people in my life who had a habit of brining me down and made me feel less than I am. The moment I started to put up shields and disentangle myself from the bullies and narcissi in my life; the type of clients I was getting through the tarot changed. They were bullied and were sick of not being seen and heard. The more I helped them, the more I was able to help myself keep my power and my outlook positive.
I kept on learning more ways to distance myself from certain people in my life. I was able to develop tools and habits that gave me courage to look at myself, confront my fears and learn why I have the issues I do have. I slowly learned what my pagan friends were doing to operate from a happier place than where I was.
In the last two years, I noticed my tendency to judge people began to fall away. I just found myself asking myself, is it worth my time and energy to interact with this person? For those people who I loved, but were the source of much of my angst and stress, I limited my contact with them and only interact with them under conditions that will not cause long term trauma to me. The remaining people whom interacting with does not server me in any way, I just cut out of my life.
I find that this journey has greatly affected my life path and the way I operate as a healer and a tarot reader. Most of the people I encounter are the ones who have been bullied, ignored and neglected and are stuck in a rut, disempowered and stuck in patterns of scarcity and defeat. Everything I learned to affect my mindset and to adopt a positive outlook on life, are all valuable skills that can be taught to other people to help heal internal wounds and to revitalize their life and recharge their batteries so they may regain the momentum they believe they had lost.


I use a tarot deck called the WildWoods. It is loosely based on the basic form commonly found in stores. The major arcana has slightly different names, but they are essentially the same thing. There are a few that are different, with different meanings, but collectively, the deck works the same way. I ask the client what their question is, and then pick up the deck. I usually can tell if they are being too vague or not. If they are, I will ask if I can rephrase the question. As I draw cards, I will start to respond to the question being asked. Often, the cards start to tell a story and will focus on obstacles that need to be worked through or avoided.
My readings are about personal validation and accepting what the universe is offering you. What happens next, is based on how you decide to pivot. A common thought with people of a spiritual nature, is that you get out what you put in. Stay positive, and what you get back will be positive. I point out to the client what sort of situations are expected to come their way, and I recommend to them in what manner they should pivot in response to those events. Often, this is simply a mindset when they are asked to take an action when the awaited event arrives.
I teach people how to act (not react). This is something I learned from studying the laws of attraction. “Thoughts are things, and things are thoughts. A thought becomes a thing based on the emotion felt when the thought became manifest. The potency of the thing is dictated by the action took when the thought became a thing.” This means when you choose to an action, do so with intention. Have a goal in mind on what the outcome is supposed to be. Imagine yourself involved in the end result. It doesn’t matter how you got there, or if it’s even possible. The universe doesn’t respond to logic, just emotion and visualization. The next step, is to take actions that help support that mental image. It doesn’t matter if it actually does, as long as you imagine it does. Visualization is the key to manifestation.
My readings are more about changing your outlook on life than it is on solving problems. It is hard to change what other people think, say or do. We can try as often as we like and as hard as possible to make that desired change in someone else. We may get luck and manage to pull it off, but we cant predict what the outcome is, because it is tied to someone else’s response. What happens when we look at ourselves and ask “What can I do to manifest the outcome I desire?”

If you would like to know the answer to that question, please reach out to me and we can discover it tougher.


I have no pieces of paper that said I have done anything in the metaphysical world. I simply learn thogh experience and by reading of books and watching people work. Youtube and FB have been valuable sources of information and inspiration.

I am reading books on astrology, Neural Linguistic Programing, and integrating the subconscious mind with the conscious mind.

Services & Fees

I typically charge $40 per 15 minutes. I use a 9-card spread during this time. It only takes about 5 minutes to pull out the entire spread and see what it means, the remaining 10 minutes is spent relating the cards to your questions and finding ways to help you find your path. I can use a pendulum to answer any yes or no questions. If there is time left, I will be willing to pull more cards to answer additional questions.

In all honesty, you are purchasing my time and help, not the tarot reading. Tell me what it is you need and what and we can work from there. I have very bad cell phone service in my area, so a direct phone call may not be possible. I could use skype to contact you via phone, or use another video service such as Zoom or Messenger.


If you are happy with my reading, and recommend me to a friend, who books and pays for a reading with me, you will get a discount of 50% on your next reading with me.

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