I've been doing Tarot and Rune reading for over 10 years, but only very seriously studied in the last 8-10. My readings have all been well received and described as 'spot on'. I try to be as thorough as possible and give as much detail and possibilities as I can.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 14 Years

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I'm a kitchen witch from rural Louisiana and consider myself an omnist with a pagan lean. I was raised in the country and have lived here most of my life but have had some years in the cities. My parents raised me with an open mind and heart, so I welcome every one the same regardless of person or beliefs. I've worked in many positions from retail to casinos to administrative. Currently I'm a paralegal.


I have always been an empath. Since childhood I have always been the "mom" friend. The one people can talk to, ask advice and know will take care of them. In high school, perhaps in my "rebellious phase" I picked up Tarot and palm reading, though I was unrefined for many years, I have since studied many practices, regions and cultures and learned the art of of reading Tarot and Runes.


I like to get as much info about your situation and questions as possible. Skeptics will say this is how people get tricked but that's not true. As an an empath and with the cards and Runes, each had a means, if not several possibilities depending on a situation or context. Your emotional situation, how your circumstances surroounding your question are effecting you, etc. Play a big part in the reading.

Services & Fees

My fees are flat per question. Runes: $15. Tarot depends on the spread. Simple spreads 4 or less cards: $15. 5 to 9: $20. Over 9: $25. Pre-reading consultations (explanations, help wording questions, figuring out spreads, etc.: $5)


More than one question in the same consultation will get a $3 discount on other questions. Ex: Rune reading: first question $15, all other questions: $12 each per that session. Tarot reading: first question $20 8 card spread, next $12 3 card spread, next $22 12 card spread. Any questions on separate occasions will be regular price and discount reset.

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