I'm a realist, I believe in logic and reason, but there is no denying the things I see and the things I just know. I can pick an item up that I've never seen and tell you what it is and who owned [removed] see and know things that are not logical, but yet I do. I can't help it, but maybe I can help you

Elizabeth (eliza) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 39
Experience 19 Years


I was raised to see the spiritual side of life. It was normal all my life to just know something, to interpret everything and to have a deep respect for the mystic. I am a firm believer in live and let live. I never want to harm, or cause harm. I believe in small random acts of kindness, in selflessness. I also believe in always telling the truth, no matter the cost, which is sometimes an unpopular trait. I will tell you what I know, what I see for you be assured of that.


I have started by helping my friends and family, then I realized how much help it does to use the ability I have for others. I have not had any "clients" if you will, more like friends, that I help to see themselves.


I interpret visually the best. Photos you take of fire is the best for me to read you. I can read your past and present usually, as well as tell you your spirit animals and spirit guide.
All I need is you to send a picture that you personally take, make sure that you are the only one in the picture or around(you don't have to be in it at all, but no one else because it gets muddled like that) and tell me what it is you are seeking.

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