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"Time for You to Claim IT". Host to Working It Out series as seen on TV, Magazines. With over 20 years of experience. Metaphysician, Licensed Interfaith Ordained Minister, Award Winning Author, Producer, Actor, and Cat MOM. Seeking Answers? Need Spiritual Guidance?

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I was born with sight. I lost my hearing at a very young age, and it opened up my gifts from my higher source. Although my disability was disciplined, and I was raised strict. I stayed active in my spiritual path and earned credentials growing up in church. My loved ones who passed I could always communicate before they went and sometimes later get messages. I always had guides. Although early on it took a lot out of me and always felt others took advantage and drained me so I would get sick easily. After serving to armed forces, I found power within, education and a lot of training where it was used to train them physically and mentally to some of our best. After my own struggles in health, I decided to study in medicine and many other subjects because of some of the supernatural experiences I encountered and war. I found joy in the studies of theology, psychology, nutrition, and metaphysics. Did my practice hours and residency with contracts sponsored by US Army, and Spiritual Social Ministry with church retreats. Later got licensed and also expanded my research and studies in energy medicine.


Serving to armed forces and higher profiles along with training with contracts in the field of spirituality gained me also education and experience in many types of areas. Along with the benefits of divination tools. I am known for my fame regarding the gifts used in health and wellness but also in spiritual guidance. Earning many higher educated degrees and post graduate degrees. I found many traditional ways are not working well with the energy of our systems and others may seek more holistic approach to lifestyle questions. Also, I know that there is a higher power, and many are still seeking enlightenment. Their Destiny or path. My Mission is to be successful in educating this to others.


I am not a fan of the word psychic cause it is not what I am. I study and have studied for many years and earned a higher status. I am a Metaphysician and Spiritual Coach. One must remember that psychic is for entertainment, and you have free will to change your destiny. My most popular is my Pick a Card Readings. You can't come thinking your advisor is going to solve your problems. You have to be open to the guidance through the tools and make decision through faith to work on them. It is a practice. I use my knowledge and my tools to provide you some insight on what is going on around you and what may be coming. Along with motivational prayer or distance Reiki Healing and Attunements. For example: A lady came to me who works in rescuing animals and have struggle with coping or serious illness and needed healing and wanted it to eat. She provided a picture and her faith in believing. I worked on distance healing and prayer for her to have energy and strength. The animal made miraculous recovery. Another example: a woman with breast cancer going through chemo need strength and healing to get through it. I provided her with exercises, and she is cancer free. Another example: Someone came to me regarding what now and their immediate future holds. Provided them a detail destiny path report. I do not counsel. I can also pray for you and provide distance healing.


IAMI, FPLA, NPI, NBCC, Reiki Master
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Divinity, Metaphysics, Spiritual Holistic Health, REBT, Positive Psychology, Psychiatry, YogaRx, Tarot, Oracle, Crystal, and many others. Health and Wellness. Licensed Ordained Minister. Sleep Coach.

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Other services can get from my show. Or if I have the time.
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