Hello, I’m an intuitive empath. I specialize in healing especially the shadow aspects of the self. I can feel into the depths of person and can find the root of the blockage or issue. I am a certified Level III Reiki Master/Practitioner. I use divination tools to deepen my connection.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 42
Experience 4 Years

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I’m a single mom of two amazing girls. I’m a domestic violence survivor, a Realtor, and a deeply caring person. I was saved and baptized at age 23 and I very much believe in God but the more I read the Bible the more questions I had. I had abilities that were considered evil but I was helping people so that made no sense to me. Since a child I understood the concept of one universal consciousness or even the fractal nature of the universe before I even learned of these concepts. I’ve always just known or felt things about people, situations and the nature or things but I did not know that those were abilities. I also can recognize different abilities in my children, my mother and after asking about her mother, I know that my grandmother had abilities too. So I guess that makes a third generation psychic! Now that I know, it is my every desire to serve and help those who are ready to walk a higher path. I can even help with your love life too!


I’m a third generation Psychic but a first generation spiritual practitioner. Since a young child I’ve been able to “know” things about people. I’ve always been able to see clearly into a situation where other cannot and can offer the most helpful solutions based on the current path. I’ve been reading professionally for the past three years part-time but this year I decided I wanted to purse this full-time or as often as my clients need Me. The world is changing and people are becoming attuned to that change and it is difficult for some. I am here to help.


I use some different tools to get to the answers my clients seek. The tarot deck I feel most connected to at this moment is the Light-Seers Tarot deck. I use a pendulum for quick and simple yes or no questions. As a spiritual practitioner, I work with candles, oils and resins to move or release energies. As a Level III Reiki Practitioner/Master, I act as the open channel or conduit of concentrated life force energy your body need to heal itself. I can also teach Reiki but I am not teaching at this time.


Certified Level III Reiki Master

Services & Fees

Reiki Healing (distance or in-person)- $30
Email readings- $50 for three questions $10 each additional question.

Email readings

City: Baltimore
State/Region: Md
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Email readings require a 24 hour lead time

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