I am a professional Tarot reader with more than a decade of experience. I use the cards to offer intuitive insights that allow analyzing the energies surrounding the situation. This helps my clients in finding clarity so they can make their own best decisions.

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Experience 12 Years

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I have always been highly intuitive, and a good listener as my family and others said. Now I understand being an empath. My dreams have been coming true with such a surprising accuracy that I started thinking and reading about the abilities of the unconscious mind and the relativity of time. This brought me to the study of Tarot.
I graduated from university and got married. We have a wonderful son and a beautiful funny granddaughter. I work as an office administrator managing bookkeeping, payroll, and other business functions. I love reading psychological literature, practicing meditation, and investigating the amazing abilities of crystals.


Years ago I had a Tarot reading. In the middle of the reading, the read reader told me "You can read cards yourself, you have the abilities." I didn't give it much attention at that moment but later at a difficult moment in my life, I remembered her words and decided to study Tarot.
I fell in love with Tarot when I got my first deck and book. Since then I have had many decks and books by different authors that offer fascinating information that allowed me to learn, practice, and grow. I find that Tarot brings clarity and advice thus giving some relief when in doubt. I started offering professional readings in 2010. I have studied the Lenormand system more recently. It is quite different from Tarot but very interesting in providing another perspective.


The main approach for me is to create a sacred atmosphere when I read the client's questions and thus connect with the energy of the person I am reading for. It is amazing to realize how we are all connected energetically. I use Tarot cards and Lenormand cards. I apply crystals to create a space of healing and protection for both the reader and the querent.
The cards allow me to analyze the situation through their meanings and intuitive insight.
They provide a picture of what is most important to pay attention to in order to find solutions and achieve the desired goals.


I am a certified Biddy Tarot reader. I am also a certified Lenordmand reader by Layla the Lenormand Reader. I studied crystals extensively on my own, through books, and took some classes by Krista Mitchell.

Services & Fees

I offer email and phone readings. At this time I am looking to offer email readings, the price depends on the number of questions. In general from $35 to $75.


I can offer $10 discounts for first readings and during holidays.

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