I offer confidential Tarot and Angel Tarot readings for guidance insight and in Some cases reassurance in any areas of life I do not need to know your question my cards will guide me to it With over 17years experience I'm very confident with Myself and my gifts

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
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Experience 20 Years

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Hi There
I'm Donna and I'm 42. I live in Yorshire with my son and partner.
I've been reading people's Tarot/Angel Cards for over 17 years now.
I started of only reading for very close family and friends whom all came
Back again and again over the years and through them they passed my name on to their friends
Now I read for anyone who asks me too. I prefer to read for people I don't know because when I'm spot
On with your reading and no nothing about you then you know I'm very good at what I do.
I'm a empath and I'm very intuitive I sense people's feelings even before they speak. I get
Random words and visions about a person that to me sound very random but to those I get the urge to
Talk to can always relate to the words. Before I learnt how to switch off I'd struggle immensely
When going into crowded places because everyone I looked at words and visions about that person
Would fly into my head that happened everytime I looked at people this caused great stress at
The time as I did not understand fully why this was happening to me. It's very different now I no how to
Turn on and when to turn off.
If anyone gets a good feeling from me and would like my guidance please don't hesitate to contact me


My experiences have all been different in the begining I'd question myself I'd try to find
A logical reason why I'd feel so strongly and very sure about someones life i'd never met I thought I was going crazy. I've progressed so much further I accept my gifts and trust my abilities. 17 years experience have made me who I am today


My Divination technique is Tarot Readings, Angel Tarot. Angel or goddess oracle cards
In combination with my intuition and my psychic gifts

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