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I am offering to help you heal your heart and find happiness with inspirational messages and personalized psychic interpretations. Find out what's waiting to unfold in your life today.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 43
Experience 20 Years

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I was born and raised in South Louisiana, where we celebrate three seasons; Mardi Gras, hurricane and football. I'm a Girl Raised In The South, a Steel Magnolia, a Cajun Queen, I'm a Dixie Darlin.
I learned to count numbers playing cards with my grandmother, sipping latte or sweet tea. She also taught me about Divination; Astrology was her favorite and Tarot is mine.
I am a mother, a widow, a wife, a step-mother, a daughter, a sister, and friend. I have been to dark places and back again. I have fallen off my wagon and fixed my wheel many times. Whatever your dealing with, we can get through it. I'm here to help.
Sending you Love,


People have always shared their troubles with me, even as a child. I have always gravitated to healing. Like many in my family, I became a nurse and worked healthcare for almost 20 years. That wasn't the type of healing that my Soul was calling me to. But the experience was still priceless and enhances my understanding of Reiki. Tarot helps to facilitate healing with a type of Shadow work. Tarot can help us heal and progress toward our true purpose and real happiness.


I use Tarot readings to get to the underlying issue with the help of psychic abilities and intuition. If desired we can go further with energy healing and begin Reiki healing therapy.

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