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Professional Reader specializing in Tarot and Astrology. Have worked professionally in the other fields field for 30 years as a reader, writer and teacher, in classes and one-on-one.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 69
Experience 36 Years

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Worked as a professional full time reader in NYC for 23
years. Studied the art of astrology privately and classroom style
with several excellent instructors and got a solid foundation in hermetic astrology through two of those instructors. I also obtained a job managing the astrology section at a well-known esoteric bookstore (Weiser's) during that time and started developing a clientele. Sometime later I Braganza studying Tarot and eventually incorporated it into my astrological practice. I have taught both subjects and have written on them, but also still consider myself a lifelong student.


During my teen years I noticed that I seemed to possess a natural interest in hearing people's stories and a nascent ability to advise them. When I left home, at age 19, I moved across the river into Manhattan, where I was able to pursue a budding interest in the workings of astrology, both on my own and with the help of several excellent teachers. It became a main focus of my interest and development and after several years I began to do readings for clients, this eventually developed into a part time business. During this period I took a job at a well-known esoteric bookstore (Weiser's), overseeing the Astrology section of the store and familiarize myself with other related subjects. After leaving that job to accept a position that offered more opportunity in the field, I began to acquire a larger clientele and I also learned how to read Tarot, eventually adding it to my astrological practice. My evolvement as a counselor came from both experience working with people and my own personal life experiences, which often mirrored those of the individuals I was counseling and I am still evolving in that respect.


I utilize my natural intuition along with the structure of whatever method of divination I happen to be using. My specialties are Astrology and Tarot, though I will sometimes incorporate other methods, such as numerology, runes or I Ching. I learned astrology through the hermetic system and still favor it, while also taking in other approaches and methods as well. A combination of experience and temperament will usually indicate which method(s) resonate best for a particular person and that has proven true for me.

Services & Fees

For my personal practice I charge:
$180 for a Tarot reading (45-55 min)
$250 for a natal Astrology Chart reading
$300 for natal Astrology Chart plus Future Trends reading
$225 for Future Trends only (6 -18 mos)
$225 for a Solar Return chart (birthday year)
$300 for a Synastry chart (relationship)
This is for in-person, telephone or email readings. A follow up phone call, text or email is included for any questions pertaining to the reading.


Available for local events, fee determined per what is required.

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