I am a medium psychic with almost two decades who specializes in spiritual and life guidance through the use of tarot and spiritual intuition. A leader of a Pagan Temple and Seminary, I'm honored to give guidance to all who seek.

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I am a young adult who, at a young age, was raised in Paganism. Having a rough childhood a few years in, I went through many different foster homes and schools. Within these homes, I was granted exposure into multiple cultures and faiths. I had also experienced a few traumas. It was during this time that I learned the importance of independence. During this time I delved into the school system, learned about many different subjects and topics. During middle school, I ended up starting my journey into teaching the Craft, and in high school I started many groups to study and practice the Craft. In one of my classes I even did my project using tarot cards as an ad for my project. I have worked in the customer service field for nearly two decades; I head a Pagan Temple, as well as being a Dean at a Pagan education institution. I have an ordination in the Christian faith, the Liberal Catholic faith, as well as the Pagan faith.


You could say I started counseling back in high school when I was leading study groups. As a teenager myself, I found it much easier to simply repeat what I had read. As I grew as a leader, I had come to realize that walking the walk was almost more important than what was said because those people whom you spoke to looked up to you. As I grew I found that others were growing but I wasn't so I began to walk my talk. This walk encouraged me to learn more and to better myself which helps me to better others, or to help them see their better self.


My divination techniques are utilizing Tarot cards along with the intuition I receive when from Spirit when I am reading the spread. The intuition sometimes comes as feelings or images, but more often than not it comes as an emotion with a word being "whispered" into my ears or my mind's eye. I do not like to take credit for the messages being given as I simply see myself as a messenger.

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