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Being spiritual does not mean all sunshine and rainbows. It means being prepared for whatever may come as your universe intertwines with others. Crystalz N' Pistolz was created for those who want the raw truth and their soul's purpose for this lifetime. 

Aniesha Darensbu (crystalznpistolz) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 39
Experience 14 Years

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Relationship (Current)
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Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
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I have always been connected to the spirit world. As a young girl, my grandmother and mother told me I had a special gift that was put in me to help, heal and cover others. I did not know what they meant back then. As an adult, I fully understand my abilities and realize I can be that light that sparks the next shift in the universe, for the better. 


In the beginning, as a child, I always had dreams. My grandmother taught me what she knew interpreting and how to protect myself and build the gifts that were passed down to us from previous generations. I learned about different herbs and items that had magickal uses and how to properly use them to help myself and others. I started reading tarot 5 years ago and started reading for others about 3 years ago. I love tarot the most because I enjoy giving my clients the messages their guides and ancestors have been trying to provide. I am a reiki practioner as well. I also perform conjure and rootwork and also spirit and space cleansings in the Houston area.


With divination, I use tarot, oracle, angel and lenormand cards along with my pendulums. I am very clairsentient and messages just flow freely although I try to be as tactful as possible, some spirits I encounter let me know that what they are trying to convey cannot be toned down! lol

Services & Fees

5 card readings (one question)- $25 for 15 minutes
30 minute sessions (multiple questions and divination methods)- $34
one hour sessions (same as 30 minute but come with a free gift)- $61
Love Readings- $43 for 30 minutes
Spiritual Counseling (includes 30 minute session, free gift and energy work or rootwork/cleansing)- $75+
Crystalz Healing Session (for opening, clearing and balancing the seven main chakra points, comes with crystal chakra set; IN PERSON SERVICE ONLY)- $52
Space Cleansing (smudging with organic clearing and protection herbs; price varies on size of space- $43+
Personal Cleansing (smudging, bathing and/or egg cleansing for an individual or and item; price varies based on severity)- $43+


Customers who provide referrals and have their referrals give their name will get $5 off next service or order of at least $25

Free Shipping on all product orders over $50

Metro Area

City: Houston
State/Region: TX
Country: United States 🇺🇸
In-person services available on weekends only at the location of your choice

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