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I have been reading tarot cards since 1989 and consulting professionally 5 days a week for 12 years. My readings are practical and professional, a blend of Tarot, Psychic, Mysticism, Clairvoyance & Clair-audience coupled, where necessary, with practical real life and business experience.

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Nationality πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South Africa
Languages English
Age 51
Experience 33 Years

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Hi. I am a South African / English guy, born on Zimbabwe. I have been psychic ever since I can remember - early childhood at least - I started young and love everything spiritual and magical.

Spiritual Background

I recently received a PhD in Metaphysical Counselling and a Masters degree linking Mediation and Quantum Theory from the University of Sedona. Other occult education includes serving a 4 year apprenticeship to become an Inyanga (Male Sangoma - African Herbalist), and have been in various orders where I learnt Magic, Alchemy and Kabbalah. I am also a certified Hypnotherpaist, Regression Therapist and Parts Therapist. I attended a Catholic school and was brought up Anglican. University educated in Archaeology, Anthropology,Geology, Philosophy, Psychology, Music and 17 century English Literature.

Business Background

I started an export business in 1991 to fund my university education and spent 18 years trading food and minerals in Africa (South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Swaziland, Botswana). Non magical and non academic education include A+, MCSE(XP), 3D studio Max, graphic design, Rough Diamond Evaluation, and various Real-estate and Business Brokerage diplomas.
In 2012 I started an stress management consulting business and wrote the South African Education and Training unit standards on Stress Management. I lecture this part time to corporate clients and private groups.

My hobbies and interests include hiking, rock climbing, water skiing, herbalism, bee keeping, caving, MT bike racing, surfing, micro organic farming, writing and blogging, metaphysics, ancient history and mythology.


Early Days

I started learning Tarot and Kabbalah while at school, being taught by one of the Brothers. At university i would read cards for friends in bars and advise them on the usual romance and work and academic issues.

Formal Magic

I then started to study metaphysics more formally and attended many courses and workshops on healing and energy work and started to develop within these metaphysical systems psychic abilities.
I would see clients on a part time basis while I was traveling for my business. I was at this time also in two magical orders where I learnt ritual magic and how to work with various entities, elementals, angels and demons.

Inyanga / Shaman

From 2000 to 2004 I became a IsiTwhasa (apprentice to an Inyanga or traditional shaman / herbalist) and consulted in ghettos, townships and rural areas providing counselling services, herbal medication services, divinatory and curse breaking services and often consulted in conjunction with western medical doctors in rural clinics.
I have done Inyanga consultations live on air on local radio and TV stations

Business and Magic

While continuing my export business I worked for 10 years at a Health Hydro where I was a Myofacial deep tissue massage therapist, Hypnotherapist and Stress Management counselor.
All the traveling was tiresome so I decided to work full time as a tarot reader / counselor and Hypnotherapist at the premier metaphysical shop called The House of Isis. I have been there for 12 years and work 5 days a week seeing over 100 clients a month. I do face to face readings, whats app readings, Skype readings and email readings as well as house / space clearings, energy healing and herbal consultations if required.


I usually like to introduce myself to the client and ask for their star sign. I dont need their name or photo or anything (helps with privacy). I then lay out cards depending on the length of time that the client has booked.
I like to read the client "cold" for the first few minutes as this gives the client clarity without any of my experience.


I am always very aware that people who consult with me are usually in a sensitive and vulnerable state and may even be desperate to hear an answer that they like. It is my job to gently present what I see and then work with the client to attain the outcome that is the best for them legally, spiritually, emotionally and practically. This cold reading also prevents me from profiling the client and telling them what they want to hear!


After this initial short cold reading the client asks questions and I lay down cards to answer them . I am happy to use the whole pack of cards and use other packs if required. In this question and answer time I see, hear and know things about the client and use the cards to calibrate these images and thoughts to keep the reading client centered, practical and focused.

Sometimes i see guides, sometimes family members who have passed on come through with advice, it all depends on the client and what they need.
I am practical and pragmatic and I politely tell the client what i see and what the potential outcomes of various courses of action area and build a road map with the client for them to move forward with their lives.



-PhD in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysical counselling (University of Sedona)
-Masters Degree linking Meditation to Quantum Theory (University of Sedona)
-Certified Hypnotherapist (SAIH / IMDHA)
-Certified Regression Therapist (SAIH /IMDHA)
-Certified Parts Therapist (SAIH / IMDHA)
-Inyanga (herbalist / Sangoma)


-Diploma in Supply Chain, Logistics and Export Management (IMM)
-Diploma in Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading
-Diploma in Real Estate (RSA / UK)
-Diploma in Property Development (UK)
-3D Studio Max Animation Diploma (IMM)
-A+ (Comp TiA)

Services & Fees

- General overview and some detailed questions $ 30.00 (40 min Whatsapp / Skype call / email / text message)
- 6 specific questions $ 45.00 (email / text message)
-General overview and 8 - 10 detailed questions $ 100 (90 min Whatsapp / Skype call / email / text message)
- Simple questions $ 5.00 per question (Whatsapp / Skype call / email / text message)


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