I am a Hermetic mage with an eclectic approach, allowing me to apply the right tools and techniques to your problems whether magical or mundane.

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I have been married for 20 years and have a son about to start college. Ever since high school I have been a spiritual explorer. I trained in a zen monastery for a time and studied as a member of a Druidic order, but also went to law school and work my "day job" as an attorney with 20 years of experience helping families with legal problems. (Yes, I got married and started a law practice at about the same time.)


I started "spiritual counseling" when I was in college. It started with a friend of my sister who practiced tarot, but noticed I had a strong talent and saught me out for help from time to time.

Since then, I would do readings for people such as law clients. I usually wouldn't tell them, though. I would just share some of the insight I had with them to help them when I could without going into detail about how I got it.

I never pursued spiritual counseling professionally because I make more money as an attorney, but I do enjoy helping people and in doing so, in sharing the journey, it helps me along my own path.

Now I do charge money, but it's not as much to make a living as it is to ensure my clients take my time and my help seriously.


I start with establishing a space, both physical and astral, suitable for the work at hand -- a space that is protected from negative influences and where it is safe to gently explore the problem at hand.

In exploring the problem, I seek to understand it as fully as possible, usually asking a lot of questions. Then I allow the spirits to guide me to the right divination tool: Tarot, crystal-gazing, scrying, geomancy, or automatic-writing. Those are some of my preferred methods.

Once the problem is understood and a path is made clear through divination, I help my client take steps to execute a plan using a combination of mundane and magical techniques.

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$20 for one query by email, which I will invest about 1/2 hour of my time, or for a 1/2 hour consultation by phone or video.

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