Need a little guidance in your life? No worries, I've got you covered! I'm Seth, your go-to spiritual coach. I'm all about helping you start an epic journey of self-discovery. ?️‍?❤️?️‍⚧️

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I'm from Oregon and I've now lived over 20 years in Chicago. I've been married for just under 20 years. I'm 48 and part of the queer community. I've been through the relationship wringer, I'm happily married, and I've seen the loss of a generation through the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Prior to my current marriage, I was in a verbally and physically abusive relationship that took friends, loved ones, and a lot of courage to step away from. The experience will live with me forever.
I've been reading tarot since I got my first deck in 1985 and I haven't looked back.
Tarot has been a constant companion and guide as I and others navigate challenging decisions and choices for our own betterment.


I've been reading tarot for others since 1985.
I've been reading Human Design for others since 2016.
I've continued to accept my ability to work as a medium, to trust my clairsentience, and to explore other abilities as they come.

I continue my education by attending tarot conferences, exploring ideas and techniques with other readers, and teaching (students keep me learning and on my toes!)

I've learned that the clients who choose me tend to also be a reflection of my own personal growth. That inspires a ripple effect of lifting the community one relationship at a time.


I approach each client and question with no judgement or preconceived notions. I continue to check my personal biases and assumptions so that I can be the best messenger I can be.

I primarily work with tarot, use Lenormand if the question is less exploratory and more direct in nature, and comprehensively use Human Design when personal growth and awareness is important to the session.

As I'm reading I'll experience Clairsentient moments (I feel things in my body) or empathically (I feel emotional states) or through Clairaudience (I hear things). Those talents combined with my years of experience in reading cards plus insight from Human Design (if needed) are pulled together to generate a comprehensive reading.

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