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As a lifelong mystic, I am here to offer my seasoned skills as a psychic, tarot card reader, and hypnotist in order to answer your questions. With my diverse esoteric knowledge, and life experience I am sure I can offer you valuable spiritual counseling.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 52
Experience 34 Years

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I have known since the early age of 14 that I was destine to explore life’s mysteries, and walk the spiritual path. Although I would never claim to be a natural psychic, because I believe everyone is naturally psychic, I can say that I have earned my place within the realm of spirit through hard work and practice. This has ultimately taught me just how spiritually connected we are as a species to everyone, and everything around us. Living between Germany and the United states has afforded me the opportunity to engage people of diverse cultures, and beliefs. I have had the privilege of visiting and in many cases living in such great nations as the United States, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Italy. I also spent many years living in New Orleans LA, and most other states within the US, as an active card reader and psychic advisor. Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to lead covens, participate in magickal/pagan organizations, as well as participate in many paranormal investigations. But if I had to choose a label to describe myself, I would probably use the word “mystic,” because it implies a general preference towards spirituality over religiosity. I could also consider myself bisexual, therefore I am more than comfortable counseling my LGBT brothers and sisters. All of my mundane work-life experience has been in the service and sales industry, however, I am writer well on my way to becoming a published author of the upcoming book “Unlocking the Secrets of Sorcery.”


Personal development is a big part of my philosophy, because I believe what one thinks creates the reality around them. Therefore, I pass those skills on to the client through techniques, and counseling that can be used to reconcile negative thought-processes, trauma experiences, and emotional turmoil.


My primary method of divination is Tarot, however this is always supported by psychic intuition. In conjunction with Tarot, I am capable of using automatic art, and mediumship abilities which allow me to touch Spirit and gain information from either the Akashic Records, or my own spirit guides. When speech and/or video is accessible, I can also employ hypnosis to help my client achieve a deep enough hypnotic state that will allow them to pluck information from the ether or their deep unconscious. On occasion I do use my own special set of runes which is based on symbolism linked with my own intuitive archetypes.


Other than 30+ years of experience in the mystic arts, tarot reading, and leading covens, I have nothing else to brag about.;)

Services & Fees

$100 -- Card Reading (available by email, phone, text, instant message, and in person)

Science is beginning to understand what mystics have known all along--that reality starts with thought. Our strong desires shape all possible futures on the mental plane before they manifest here in this world. Once we settle on a choice, we decide which one of those futures will manifests. Wouldn't it be nice to know which of these futures would be best fitted for your life? This information can be gained in a number of ways; through intuitive reading, or by knowing how to interpret patterns in nature and using runes, and tarot as a form of pathworking. This 1 hour session not only covers a general forecast of the possible future using intuition and augury, but also includes an in depth look at specific issues.

$250 -- Connecting with Your Spirit Guide or Higher Self (in person or by video)

Many ancient spiritual traditions believe in a spirit guide. Some call it your guardian angel, while others believe them to be your ancestors, and still others think of it as your higher self. But what does this mean and why should you care? Whatever you want to call it, your spirit guide, or higher self reflects the true you and typifies your greatest spiritual ideals. Your spirit guide can help you discover who you were meant to be and what your calling is. Your spirit guide can also help guide you to make a right decision, because it has your best interests at heart.

$250 -- Psychic Awakening (in person or by video)

It is true that everyone is psychic--it's a part of the natural human condition. But in this age of technology and science, most have forgotten, or have been conditioned to think that these very real faculties are nothing more than fantasy. Psychic abilities, The Gift, or PSI as the scientific community likes to call it, has been researched, studied and proven. Now it is time for you to learn what yours are, and how you can use them to improve you life, and the lives of the people you love!

$250 -- Past-Life Regression (in person or by video)

Have you ever wandered who you were in a previous life, and how that life may or may not be effecting the present? It is said that we have all lived once before, and that each of these lives is meant to teach us a specific lesson. This cyclical journey from spirit, to earth, and from earth to spirit is meant to purify the soul, and help us ascend to higher spiritual levels. Although past-lives are not acknowledged by mainstream science, much evidence exists to verify this phenomenon. Discover latent knowledge, and understand the hidden aspects of your personality by finding out who you were in your past life(s)


City: Plant City
State/Region: FL
Zip/Postcode: 33566
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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