I am an intuitive empath and clairvoyant who is passionate about guiding and healing in a way where you are empowered, inspired, and your personal faith is strengthened. I will first seek clarity of the situation and then give genuine guidance for you to reach your highest potential.

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Experience 14 Years

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I am from a small farm in the midwest where I was raised Christian and always had an interest in the arts. My spiritual journey really started when my father passed away from cancer when I was a teenager. This spurred an intense search for spiritual truth, wisdom, and the need to help others on this path as well. Sylvia Browne books, a Buddhist meditation group, and getting my first tarot reading were huge moments that have helped me become who I am now. Before long, I was always giving friends and co-workers readings, and it just grew from there.

I now have eight years of Tarot Reading experience, am a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Shinpiden Certified Reiki Master within the Usui Ryoho system. I am a Certified Fairyologist and am in tune with the angelic realm, providing Faery and Angel Oracle Readings as well. In addition, I offer Rune Readings. My Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience became apparent when I started doing this work as a full time professional a little over a year ago, and is now included in any reading and healing I do.

I moved halfway across the country to Hollywood a few years ago. I work as an actress and filmmaker here as well as a professional reader and healer. I have experienced heartbreak and and financial struggles. I've had many disempowering jobs. I have dealt with a lot of guilt. Every hardship I learn from and grow stronger from, but it has not been easy. Strengthening my connection to the divine has helped me so much and I feel so grateful when I am able to help others on their spiritual path as well. I do this work daily and am very happy to be able to do so.


I was gifted my Tarot deck nine years ago. I studied the deck by myself for a year before I started giving readings to friends, family, and co-workers. With experience and my natural empathic abilities, I have grown to read the cards with intuition along with the common definitions. It was not long into tarot reading that I started using Angel and Faerie Oracle cards as well, first connecting and studying them myself before using them for others in readings. A couple years ago I was gifted my first Rune set, and once again studied by myself for a year before offering them as a service. I got my Reiki Master Certification a couple years ago as well, which truly helped my empathic and psychic abilities, as well as channeling information and tapping into my clients' spirit guides, angels, faeries, and loved ones. I have been doing this work professionally for over a year at spiritual shops in Los Angeles, CA.


I like to see how the client would like to approach the reading first. I can go right into specific questions or just read the situation and see what comes up. I can forecast the most likely outcomes of things, but prefer not to be a fortune teller in a reading. It is all about giving the client clarity, empowering them in their power of the situation, and giving them advice to know what the next action step is that is in alignment with their higher selves.


200 RYT Certified Yoga Instructor
Shinpiden Certified Reiki Master
8 years of Tarot reading experience
7 years of Oracle reading experience
2 years of Rune reading experience
Certified Fairyologist

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