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Ever since I was 16, I have had the ability to heal people mentally as well as their aches, also discovering I am an empath, make it easier for me to understand people better. I can give you insight or advice through my tarot readings.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 23
Experience 4 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Life Guidance





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Being born and growing up in England, with just my mother and two younger siblings, life without a father seemed normal to me, but it did have its challenges, being Autistic made life a lot more difficult for me as before I discovered I was an empath, I found it hard to understand others' emotions etc. I had my first relationship at 16 and while it was great, the connection was lost and I had ended it due to the other person not choosing to remember my birthday despite knowing me for some time before we had gotten together.

Years later at the age of 20 I had tried long distance with someone from the United States but that also didn't work out because they weren't supportive of my short lived YouTube ASMR career. Not to mention they didn't believe in what I believed in, which is fine, but they weren't really up for the idea that magick/Wicca/witchcraft etc would work, especially tarot, despite them knowing I do tarot readings. Thankfully they were accepting of me being Pansexual (Likes someone regardless if they have a gender or not.) Which made things easier, I suppose.

Moving on from terrible relationships and moving back to the past, I had decided to look for jobs when I was 16, despite me not being able to get work experience since I had missed those in school due to me being new when they were opening applications, ontop of that I had anxiety and depression which made it hard for me to continue looking or having the motivation, I did have a few interviews when I did apply and never ended up getting the jobs, the other jobs I had applied for until now were all rejections and I still can't tell if it's because of my lack off experience or autism.


My experience as a counselor/Tarot reader began in 2019 when I had gotten my first deck as a birthday present as for a long time I was never able to afford a deck due to being jobless and living with my family which, to do this day, we're in a constant financial struggle. But I had studied the ins and outs of magick/divination/tarot from the age of 7 thanks to an ex family friend, and so I would begin my journey and would offer readings through my discord server etc and for a while people were interested, but not anymore, I suppose


My method of tackling subject matters such as love, past present future etc would either to ask for one's date of birth or selfie or even a 30 second voice clip(or longer, or video clip, either way) to feel the energy of that person and ask my favourite goddesses and guides for insight, I'd then play some relaxing music and feel that person's energy flow through my cards and shuffle around 6 times and depending on what sort of reading that person would like, I'd spread the cards and pull three out, allowing my hands to guide me on the sort of cards to pull. This method would be for a general reading, but for past present future, love and career/money, I'd still start with the shuffling of 6 times but then I'd make 3 piles of 12 cards and shuffle each until the card felt right.

Services & Fees

Email reading:
Love: £15
Career: £15
Past present future: £15
General: £15
Combination(2-3 readings in one): £30-45

Instant messaging:
Love: £20
Career: £20
Past present future: £20
General: £20
Combination(2-3 readings in one): £40-60



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