As a tarot reader with five years of experience, I offer insightful and personalized readings to help you gain clarity and guidance in all aspects of your life. Using the symbolism of the cards, I can help you explore your past, present, and future, and provide guidance on love, and career.

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I am an Aries sun, and I am an Arkansas Native. I have a son and daughter, with my son being the oldest. I am a single woman! I grew up in the COGIC church then once I got older, I join a nondenominational church where my pastor later died. Long story short after I left my recent church which I have been gone from there about 5 years now, I am into Spirituality where I believe in operating out of your higher self and me, I work with my ancestral linage. That is where I am today, been through so much and have learned so much with my ancestors guiding me each and every day.


I am not a certified counselor. I worked in the field where we had to use counseling techniques to assist our clients. I worked at a school where we worked with kids who had developmental disabilities who were in a technical training program where they would gain a certificate at the end of completion so it could be easier for them to find jobs. We use counseling techniques when they had life altering situations that caused them pain, hurt, or grief to assist them with getting through to a more positive outlook. I worked with prisoners who were serving a 60-day sentence for violating their probation or parole. In this program we took a therapeutic approach to help them solve any problems or issues they may be having with family or substance abuse issues. I have worked in customer service for more than 10 years assisting customer who sometimes took a hostile approach to certain situations when it comes to their billing issues. It all starts with listening, and then taking empathic approach to solving the client or customers issues. These skills and training have allowed me to have more patience and to also take a different approach to life situations that happen in more reserved and calmer demeanor.


Using divination, I get channeled messages from my Spirit guides and then I incorporate tarot cards and oracle cards to get a full detail reading for my clients. I have certain smells that may come through that is tied to a past loved one, this sometimes helps me make a connection to who may be coming through wanting to convey a message. I can see shadow figures, this let me know when Spirits are present and sometimes, they communicate through simply knocking at my door.

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