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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Deutsch
Age 26
Experience 10 Years

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I am a gay man who has been raised in a loving LGBT home with a single mother. I have gone through trauma and hardship but have overcome with the help of a professional. I want to be that professional for other people now. When I was 17, I had a reading from a friend’s aunt who told me she felt strong psychic energy coming from me and in my reading. When I was 21, I had another reading done with the same results. I started honing in on my abilities and reading tarot to guide me through advice-giving to help others. I am currently in a relationship with a loving boyfriend with whom I have had ups and downs. I am a student studying criminal justice in college as well. I am mostly confined to my home due to a seizure disorder but that doesn’t stop me from seeking to help. I am unsure of my religious affiliations but I follow both Pagan/Wiccan and Buddhist traditions as well as attend services at a Buddhist temple when I am able.


I started reading tarot when I was 17 after being told by a psychic that I had a gift and strong intuition. I compiled a large collection of sources and studied very hard. I continued reading for friends and family after I turned 18 and honed in on my talent. However, along the way I discovered that I was overly sensitive to what people were feeling as well and would cry when they cried, laugh when they laughed, and get angry when they did. I sought advice from another psychic about my emotions. She also stated strong intuition and psychic energy. She stated that I should go help people with my gifts to best handle it. Today, I am a very young reader at only 24 years old but I have studied for 6 years non-stop. I am confident in my abilities as I study still to this day.


I like to use tarot cards to guide me in giving the best readings. Sometimes the cards help me put into words what I am trying to say when I struggle to word it best. They are a window for me to tap into my abilities. I also occasionally will use runes.

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Because I am mute and unable to speak, I utilize email and IM readings. I feel there is a stronger connection when I only get your question and maybe a name to address you by. There is no cold reading involved. Just true intuition.

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