Intuitive Life Coach and Divination by Card. Purveyor of REAL TALK. If you're looking for some guidance, some clarity or perhaps a "WTF am I doing with my life," I can help you. I offer Tarot and Oracle readings with a smidge of sass to help you get your sparkle back!

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 42
Experience 13 Years

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I have been around the block and then some. I finally found my soul mate in my husband of 3 years (together for 6) after failed relationships galore. I have spent serious time working on myself, which is why I am now an intuitive life coach who utilises divination by card to help guide.
I used to teach feral teenagers and was the Head of Teacher Wellness at the same time. I love to help others.
I have lost many friends and family to various diseases and issues, so I come from a background of resilience and managing my own grief.


I used to use Tarot cards many moons ago when I was a teenager, but only picked the cards back up in the last few years. I lost my way, lived a "beige" life and always felt like I was an outsider looking in. I never truly embraced me for me, until I took my destiny into my own hands, reinvented myself and cut the crap that was holding me back.
Getting back into divination has been my secondary saviour. Even though I have taken a new, more self-loving path, there is always room to learn and grow. And I do feel that the divinatory practices have allowed me to push myself daily.


I utilise coaching and mentoring techniques with tarot and oracle cards. We look at the situation or question with open eyes, and work through it until there's enough guidance to work with. It's a mixture of the cards, the coaching and intuition that bring it all together with surprising accuracy.
I am not a "woo-woo" card reader. I'll be blunt, honest and more than a little bit sweary. I use the Rebel Deck cards as well as traditional tarot and other oracle decks.
If you need a softly-softly approach, I'm probably not your best person to approach.
If you need a swift kick in the knickers for clarity and motivation - I'm your gal!


Master Life Coaching Certification with Transformation Academy
Spiritual Life Coaching Certification with Transformation Academy
Tarot Coaching with Elmira Strange
Tarot Academy with Jessica Pancrazio

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